Monday, August 14, 2017

Puppy Love

Once again we have been plunged into the internet-free zone.
I am writing this at our neighbor's house...
our internet "should" be fixed on Wednesday...
til then... email and blogging at the mercy at neighbors!

I am happy to tell you that Faith and Hope seem to have adjusted to the 
absence of their Mama.
Their crying has stopped.
They are still sticking pretty close to the pigs, however.

Saturday was Mackenzie's second birthday.

Where has the time gone??

Her little brother, Easton, is growing like a weed...
at one month he was the size our little pink fairy was at three months.
Looks like he's going to be a big boy, like his Daddy!

Tyler is such a good cousin to these two.

After Mackenzie's party Tyler came back to the farm for the weekend...
with his new PUPPY!!!

Meet Chester.

Oh. My. Goodness!!!
I am suffering from a huge case of puppy love.

It looks like this little fellow is eventually going to be a good farm dog.

He has already learned to be respectful to the birds...
giving the turkeys wide berth.

He did have a thing or two to tell Ginger and MaryAnn, however.

These pigs always take everything in their stride...
and weren't a bit upset by the scolding that Chester gave them.

It's going to be fun to watch this little fellow grow up.
The rescue thought he might be part beagle/Jack Russell/cattle dog.
We'll have him genetically tested and see if that is true.


  1. So glad that Faith and Hope are doing OK without their mum (I've been thinking about them all weekend!!). Chester is absolutely adorable. I think you are right as well, he is going to make a very good farm dog. Dogs that get along with cats, in my experience of having cats and dogs together, turn out very good dogs. Once he's got the hang of Ginger and Maryanne he will be fine. I can see a lot of fun ahead for that lucky Puppy on your farm - isn't Tyler so lucky to have such a lovely chap.

  2. chester looks like he has some blue heeler in him?! that would make him an excellent farm dog. will he be visiting the farm often?

  3. Puppy Love has a way of giving me ideas . . .
    So darn cute and cuddly!
    The GRAND department is growing . . .

  4. Glad Faith and Hope have adjusted to the loss of their Mom...Two already..hardly seems possible..Tylers puppy is adorable...good that he's farm worthy..

  5. Ha! What a cutie patootie set of grandchildren you have! Aren't they a blessing?! My grandgirls melt my heart with joy.
    As for Tyler's pup--he looks to be 100% Australian Cattle Dog to me. Hardheaded, but loyal and want to please.

  6. So glad your sweet girls still have each other. And it looks like they've found surrogate mommas in the piggies.

    That sweet lil' thing can't be two already! Seems like she was just born! So glad she has a sibling.

    Oh.My.Stars. That pup is too cute for words. I am glad that he has such a great partner in Tyler. He'll love on him for a good, long time.

  7. The pics of the grandchildren are adorable - and big boy!

    As for Chester, couldn't be cuter. The caption of the pic with Sammie looking on should be "Ya got a lot to learn kid, stick with me."

  8. diane in northern wisAugust 14, 2017 at 10:48 PM

    Happy Birthday to your little pink fairy and her brother is sure looking cute too! Love the new puppy that's visiting with Tyler. So glad to see and hear that Faith and Hope are doing ok and hanging close to the pigs. Even after sadness, there is great love and life happening at your place. So glad to see it. Thanks for great pictures Bev, and always a great story.

  9. oooh, he's precious!! Definitely some cattle dog - What DNA test do you use? I want to order one for our Heinz 57 pup Sally.

  10. Oh that puppy! That is definitely a cattle dog. I had them when I had my farm. They are awesome and very smart. He is so cute.

  11. Oh my how your grandchildren have grown WOW ! Awe what a cute pup he might have some blue healer in him by the looks of him, I bet Tyler is over the moon with him , I know I would be . Lovely photos . Hope your internet gets fixed soon . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !


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