Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Calendars Are Important!

Yesterday taught me that I really have to check my calendar each morning
when I awaken!
I bounded out of bed early yesterday ready to get started on a long chore list.

The previous day's rain put us a day behind, and we had catching-up to do.

Morning chores were completed.

Everyone went out to graze in the pasture...

and I headed home to hop in the shower.
As I was getting dressed, the dogs started barking as if someone was at the door.
I looked at my watch and for some reason suddenly remembered that we had 
a farrier appointment at 8 AM... in just ten minutes.
Perhaps the farrier had come early and was at the door.
I checked outside... no one was in the driveway.
Perhaps he had gone.

I combed my wet hair, hopped in the gator and headed out to the barn.
Jack was busy cooking breakfast for us... and I yelled as I flew out the door,
"I forgot I have a farrier appointment today!"
(there may have been a couple expletives said along with this statement...
as I hate forgetting appointments!)

I arrived at the barn and found... no farrier.
The big problem was, however, 
all of the horses and donkeys were out in the pastures grazing.
Catching them to bring them in this early would be difficult.
After all, their expectation was to have a couple more hours out in the green grass.

The farrier arrived and I asked if he could possibly trim hooves in the pasture...
just to make life a little easier.
"That shouldn't be a problem...they are all pretty easy-going," he replied.

Luckily everyone cooperated with this idea...

standing still at the fence while the farrier worked.

The Littles were first and spent the rest of the time digging in Jack's pockets,

looking for treats.

Finding no treats, Red gave Jack a little goosing!

An hour later everyone was finished and back to grazing.

By late morning, the sun had become much warmer and the flies were quite bothersome...
time for everyone to come in for their chow (vitamin/mineral supplement).
As is the usual procedure, I take the Littles, while Jack takes the ponies...
and Moonbeam takes himself.
(just in case you aren't tired of seeing this...)


  1. We all have days like that. We have now taken to having to write anything down on the calendar or notepad in the kitchen to remember things (i.e. shopping requirements, TV to tape as well as the usual appointments. Could this be a sign of old age creeping in!!??) For me, not you btw. Enjoyed the video of Moonbeam making his way home. He is a very handsome boy, a fine figure of a horse.

  2. I guess that's why I put my week on my little blackboard. At least I have seen my appointments recently and find it easier to remember. Did Jacki eat both of your breakfasts? Enjoy this beautiful day.

  3. I hate when I forget those kinds of things. Makes the rest of my day crazy. Love the boot birdhouse. Do the birds use it and, if so, is it a pain to clean out?

  4. i never get tired of seeing this. moonie is such a beautiful horse. good boy moonbeam!

  5. It's calendar checking time for me too. I went to my eye doctor appointment and the receptionist asked what time my appointment was as he didn't have me down. I said 1:15, August 4. He smiled and said it is August 3rd!! I guess better early than late!! They were able to see me so I didn't have to come back. A first for me.


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