Friday, July 14, 2017

Menáge á Baaaa

This was the scene yesterday morning in the sheep yard...

Now, before you call the ASPCA or PETA,
you really have to see the whole picture!

Yesterday was vaccination day.
The horses, donkeys, pigs, sheep and dogs were all on the docket for injections.

Sammie:  "Do I have to Mom?"

"Yes, Sammie... it's that time again, and especially with your upcoming surgery...
you have to be up to date on all of your immunizations."

Bobby:  "What!  No cats?  Oh thank goodness!"

The horses were good sports... 
they hardly looked up from their eating while getting their vaccines.

Of course, my pockets were full of treats,
so everyone wanted in on the action!

The donkeys were half good.
Daphne took it in stride,

but Chloe put her foot down.
It took three of us to finish the task!

The sheep were nonchalant about the injections...
they were busy eating Ritz.
Catching them was the hard part.
We corralled Gracie and Hope in a corner of their lot and snuck in their injections while they ate.
They barely noticed.
Of course there is always one in the group who declines the invitation.
That would be Faith.
Luckily, Jack caught her and held her still while Dr. Becky gave her the injections.
Once finished, she happily pranced off to join her Mama and sister.

The pigs?
Well, that is a whole different story.
And there is a reason we have no photos of this debacle.

In the past, Dr. Becky was able to just inject them as they ate, and they barely noticed.
Yesterday, however, was a whole different story.
They put up such a fuss....squealing and screaming...
I am sure the neighbors thought we were turning them into bacon.
It was fairly awful... at least for me.
They quickly forgot about the ordeal and went back to eating...
but not before I was completely traumatized.
and to think we have to do it all over again next year.

Ethel and Fred and Tom are on temporary house arrest right now.

Ethel had gone AWOL and made a nest in the woods,
which from experience we have found to be quite a dangerous pastime.
There are predators who might take her away in the dead of night.

So, in order to break this habit, she will have to lay her eggs in her own house or yard
for the next few days.
We have to keep our friends safe...
especially when they engage in risky behavior such as staying out past curfew!


  1. It's one of those situations again of being "cruel to be kind". They will have all forgotten about it now and you can know in your mind that they are all safe and vaccinated. I do know how you feel though because if and when we have to take our animals to the vets, it's me that gets so stressed out about it (I hate it but sometimes it is necessary). I shake more than the cats!! I bet you are glad you have everyone done now and it is behind them (and you) for another year. Enjoy your weekend. Kind regards.

  2. Sammie, don't give those even made me feel sad.

  3. How wonderful to have a doctor who makes house, er, farm calls! I'm sure the treats helped them get through.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  4. what a day! thank heavens for dr. becky!

  5. Your post title and that first photo made me laugh out loud! Very clever!

  6. Love the title..It takes a village..Keep little Ethel safe and sound..Have a good weekend..

  7. I so wish you had the pigs on camera! Next time....

  8. I always look forward to life on the farm,,, it always brings a grin...

  9. I hear you on the pigs! Last year my most wonderful vet slipped the shot in while I (sort of) blocked his exit. She got it in, he vacated the area at haste screeching all the while. This year I tossed a giant handful of cheerios on the ground and she got him while he was searching them out, no drama this time.

  10. Hi Bev,
    Oh heavens...I think you were more traumatized then all of them. I hear you.
    Your heart goes out when they squeal, that I am sure of.. But as you said, everybody forgot all about it in the end..
    Have a great weekend.

  11. Oh my . . .
    SHOTS . . .just like kids!
    I think you had your hands full!
    Squealing is in the past, (for another year) . . . you're forgiven!


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