Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Lessons Learned in a Garden

There is no better place to learn life's lessons than in a garden.

Aside from the obvious knowledge gained about growing your own food...
there are other, even more valuable lessons, that a garden can teach you.

For instance....
Negative thoughts are like weeds...

if you allow them to take hold, they will choke out the fruit of happiness.

Solving a problem is like picking sugar peas...

sometimes you have to step away to find that which you seek.

We're more alike than we are different...

although we look different on the outside, underneath our
beautiful colors we are all the same! 

Plant your roots firmly and deeply...

and then reach for the sun!
Don't let fear keep you from growing!

Of course, there are some practical lessons that we have learned through trial and error.

Rather than water by hand this year, 
(and especially since we are also trying to grow grass between the boxes)
we are using a sprinkler system.
What a time saver!!

Also, replacing the mulch that used to be between the boxes with grass (and some weeds)
has saved me from hours and hours of unnecessary weeding.
Why didn't we do this sooner!

Finally, this year we have two cherry trees loaded with cherries.
I am hoping with this bird netting on both trees...
there might be a cherry pie in our future!

Our little Miss M. has left us and returned home to her Mommy and Daddy.
We had so much fun during our time with her.

I'll tell you a little secret:  we are exhausted!


  1. Your garden is looking marvellous. What lovely true sentiments about "Life's Lessons". A garden is definitely good for the soul, whether working in it or just sitting reflecting - Perfect place to be.

  2. Love this philosophical take on growing a garden, growing a life. All so true.
    Hope you are getting some rest!

  3. Words to live by! and your garden looks far ahead of the game than ours!...

  4. Great philosophy..love Macs hair that way..Lovely post..

  5. a great comparison! mackenzie could not be cuter!

  6. Meaningful post . . .
    I understand the exhaustion one can feel
    after a few days with a little one . . .
    Yet . . . would we do it any other way . . .

  7. diane in northern wisJune 13, 2017 at 9:43 PM

    what an awesome blog you create day after day, Bev. I so look forward when evening comes, to visiting your blog and taking my time with your words and pictures. I am never disappointed. Love your life lessons today....your flowers and vegetables and fruit are spectacular! and so are the lessons. and now you have cherries too! And your little grand is such a sweetie. I understand you guys being worn out....that happens to us every time we have the grandkids here to visit! But it's worth it. Thanks for another great blog day from you.

  8. such good words of wisdom...
    miss you my friend,,,

  9. Hello dear Beverly,
    I have been away much too long. I love your life lessons today, so true.
    Little Miss M is as sweet as she can be..


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