Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Just A Little Bit of Monday

Most mornings Hubbs helps me with chores.
Yesterday, however, I told him to sleep in and I headed out by myself.
I do my best thinking, planning, and scheming when I do morning chores alone.
I love this time of day... 
when most people haven't even greeted the day...
I get to see my friends and do some really great thinking.

As I rolled the muck cart out to the donkey yard,
I spied TomTom curiously examining a turtle.

The turtle was headed toward the donkey yard...

a potentially dangerous path for this little slow-crawler.

I stopped to say hello and picked him up and set him on a safer course.

I've been seeing lots of turtles these days (and snakes, too)...
 the gift of a wet Spring.

While out doing chores, I checked the garden to see what was ready.

The sugar peas have tons of blossoms...

and the start of a plentiful harvest.

I picked a few veggies and headed home to make breakfast.
One of the benefits of growing your own fruits and vegetables,
other than the obvious cost savings and nutritional benefits,
is the intimate relationship you form with your food.

Walking down a grocery aisle does not give you the same relationship with the food
that you eat as growing your own.
Also, there is a certain energy that you can feel in plants as they grow...
and to pick their fruits and eat immediately transfers that energy into your body.
To me, it's something that goes beyond calories and nutrients.
You might think me a little strange, but it's almost a spiritual experience.

Needless to say, we eat a lot of vegetables during the 7 months that the garden is producing.
We even eat vegetables for breakfast!

Asparagus quiche, sautéed just-picked veggies, fresh tomatoes from a local farmer...raised in a hoop house.
These days breakfast is served in the screen porch.

We eat and watch the hummingbirds, while listening to the songbirds who inhabit the woods
around our house.
Living here on the farm has made us appreciate our "neighbors" and we have tried to 
learn to identify them both by sight and by song.
It's another way of feeling more connected to our surroundings.

Yesterday was laundry day.

At one point in the morning I stopped to check if the wash had dried
and found this...

Bobby (our barn/garage wanderlust kitty) found a new place to rest.

Don't be fooled by the scowl on his face... he is a very happy cat.
Bobby is always a source of smiles around here.

Hope he gave you one as well!


  1. Your breakfasts look amazing. Love the photo's of Bobby - don't cats just know the best places? By the way, how if young Ivy doing? I seem to remember there was one cat that she didn't get along with - have they settled their differences now?

  2. Ivy is great. She is a sweet, cuddly housecoat who doesn't use her litter box if at all possible... so she goes to the door and meows to be let out. She hates Bobby with a passion... no fighting, bot instead she screams at him.

  3. Soft-eyed Bobby sure did give me a smile - as did quite a few other things in your lovely Little Bit of Monday... and I fully understand "spiritual experience" - just looking at a photo of all that goodness almost is!

  4. Black snakes.....definitely not a favorite of mine! But Bobby has erased that picture from my mind! Breakfast looks fantastic!

  5. Mmm, that veggie stirfry looks good!

  6. Sweet Bobby! Wished I had a kitty to snuggle with! Love sheet hung out to dry, nothing better then that crisp smell on the bed! Breakfast on the porch, heaven!

  7. eating breakfast on that porch must be wonderful. i love being up while eveyone else is sleeping. it's teddy's and my special time. i think you are right about eating freshly picked vegetables!


  8. So true, connecting with the land, with your food sources, with the animals.. it's such a gift. One I give thanks for every day.

  9. OMGosh, that breakfast and porch makes it seem like you are staying at a bed-n-breakfast! I totally agree with your feelings about the energy from home-grown transferring into us. Your garden is looking quite lush.

    So glad you were able to spend a bit of quality time by yourself. We all need that.

  10. An American in TokyoJune 7, 2017 at 8:18 PM

    Your breakfast looks great!!!
    I am envious that you can just go into your garden and pick something fresh to eat!!! =)

    I agree with what you said about energy.
    I think the veggies lose "energy" when they are shipped out and left in storage/warehouses/trucks for days, until they get to the supermarket.
    I try to buy my veggies at the weekly farmers market because they taste so much better and seem to be "healthier" than the ones at the supermarket. They usually pick everything that morning or the night before, so they are super fresh...but not as fresh as yours! ha ha!


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