Friday, June 16, 2017

I Love A Mystery!

A part of every day's chore list is to set out feed at the pond for the ducks,
and also to feed our fish.

We have a few of theses enormous gold fish in our pond.
They've lived here for years and years.
Originally there were a few small goldfish,
who grew and grew and had babies.
Then their babies grew and grew and had more babies.

We keep the fish food in a metal trash can in the duck hut by the pond.
Over the weekend we noticed that the trash can lid was off 
and lying by the trash can each morning that we stopped by to feed the fish.

Was a bear visiting the duck hut?
Doubtful, because not much of the fish food was gone.
In order to solve the mystery, we hung a game camera on the front of the trash can.
We also put a large rock on top of the can to discourage the would-be thief.

 Saturday night...

Sunday night...

Monday night...

Tuesday night...

Wednesday night...

You can't blame a fellow for trying!

With woods surrounding all sides of our farm,
we have our share of wildlife.
I love seeing wild animals, but prefer not to have to feed them all.
We secure feed in locked barrels so that we have enough to feed our own critters.

We have another game camera on our platform tent in the woods.
There is a rather large herd of deer in our woods,
so we always get plenty of deer photos.
I especially liked this one... Mama and baby...

We keep a wood pile by the tent that is covered by a tarp.
You might notice that the tarp has been ripped open...
evidence that a bear has been around the tent in the past few weeks.

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  1. Lovely Photo's, as usual. What a sweet fella he is that is raiding the bin. Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Your busted Mr raccoon!
    Love that little spotted baby, what's any sweeter!?
    Are all the goldfish orange?

  3. Some are white and silver as well.

  4. That lil' stinker! Well, why cook if you can eat out?
    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Rocky raccoon !! Poor thing..He's a cutie.."Hey, I need to eat too..I'm neat and don't eat much." Have a good weekend.

  6. PS..Your fish looks like a Koi ?

  7. Hey.. just wanted to comment that I'm not sure how to answer your poll. I read through rss (Bloglovin at the moment), so basically I read when you publish!

  8. Ah haa! That little stinker. How sweet is he.. I love that you have cameras posted where you can keep an eye on the wild life.
    Thanks for sharing Beverly

  9. it's almost always a raccoon isn't it?

  10. Be careful with all those goldfish in your pond. I saw a show on National Geographic, and there was discussion of how the goldfish would multiply so much that they would overwhelm the pond's equilibrium. Just keep an eye on things.

  11. That raccoon might be cute but one of them ate one of my ducks a few nights ago. Not a fun thing to come across early in the morning.

  12. Yep,, at first look I thought,,, "Koi" fish?
    as for your 'masked bandit',, he is determined to get lucky and find something yummy... lol!


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