Friday, June 9, 2017

Daffy Ducks On A Spectacular Day

Spring.... what a Spring!
I have to tell you... this has been my favorite Spring of my life.
Although it's been a little wet, the weather has stayed cool.
Nights are crisp, days are magnificent.

It seems that each day brings the bluest skies
with the most amazing iridescent white puffy clouds that I have ever seen.
Seriously... I don't remember clouds like we have been having in all of my life.
I don't know what it is... but something is different about the clouds.

I have been enjoying these days and getting so much done.
The garden is spectacular... so very green.

Perennials are beginning to bloom.

Coneflowers in so many colors...

coming up bigger and better than ever before!

Yesterday the strangest thing was happening in the front pasture,
and I didn't have my camera to record it.
The donkeys and pigs and sheep were all out grazing together.
I kept hearing the sound of the pigs grunting... 
that familiar grunt that they use when they are happy to see me. 
When I ran over from the garden to see what was happening,
I  saw the pigs chasing the donkeys all over the pasture... grunting at them.
I seriously think they were trying to visit with the donkeys...
but the donkeys were completely freaked out.
It was the funniest thing.
There was nothing aggressive about the behavior...
just very curious!

I caught a few photos and some video of the new runner ducks.

They are very nervous, so we have been spending a lot of time just sitting with them.
Hopefully they will eventually get used to us and settle down.
My fear is that when I finally let them out of the barn,
they will begin running and never stop!!

It sounds as though we have one drake and two hens.
The hens make the low "quack", while the drake makes a sort of "peep" sound.
Also, the "peeper" has little tail feathers that curl up... another sign that it is a drake,
as well as the fact that he is just a little taller than the girls.

Aren't they the most unusual looking ducks.
Their long bodies on their short legs give them a rather high center of gravity.
They fall over easily as they run around their stall.
To me, they look as though they need a pair of arms on that long body!

PS... I'd like to wish a big Happy Birthday to my Mom!!


  1. The Runner Ducks are lovely. Hope that they settle down with you and realise that they are on to a good thing. Give them a couple of weeks and I bet they will be different again and more settled. Have a lovely weekend.

  2. I think it is your gaze, the way you're looking at the world that has changed, opened, not the world itself

  3. I was thinking the same thing as Carine. Your world is pretty spectacular!

    Those ducks look as if they are pacing around with their hands in their pockets. Maybe they are having an important meeting!

    Enjoy the weekend. Thank you so much for taking the time to post each day. It really does my heart good.

  4. The runners will soon learn that they have it made! It has been a great spring. Summer is only a day away. Happy birthday to your mom. Have a great weekend. Pool time!

  5. it has been the nicest spring here that i can remember. too bad the heat and humidity is about to return. that's so funny that the pigs were trying to play with their new friends.

  6. An American in TokyoJune 11, 2017 at 8:01 PM

    Happy Birthday to your Mom!!!

    And what funny ducks! I'm surprised that you can't tell them apart by bill or "nose" color. Some birds you can.

    I find it funny that you say spring when it's already June.
    I feel like June, July and August are summer months...spring feels like long ago when the cherry blossoms were blooming in March/April! (lol) I guess seasons feel different depending on where you are! ;)


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