Wednesday, May 10, 2017

So Much Catching Up To Do

I have been a little lax lately, I must confess,
 in keeping you informed.
There is always so much happening around here...
sometimes I forget to bring you up to speed.

(Tree peonies from my garden....lovely, but smell yucky.)
First of all....the chicklets.

14 out of 15 are doing great.
(I found one had passed the other night...sadly).
These 14 are growing by leaps and bounds...

and some are even able to scale great heights...the whole way up to the perching bar.

Remember the Swedish Crested Duck, Stella, that joined us two weeks ago?
Stella is doing fine.

Bella, Della, and Ella didn't stick around to find out what a good home they had,
The first night after their arrival at the pond, they all three packed their bags and
headed for parts unknown.
My only solace is in knowing that all three couldn't have been gotten by a predator
in one evening, so I have concluded that they were unsatisfied with their new arrangement,
and headed off in search of a more suitable establishment.

The garden suffered a slight set-back the past two nights as we had frost.
We kept sprinklers running, which helped... and covered some of the other plants...
and yet we lost a few peppers and tomatoes.
I will be replanting this week before we leave for Iceland.
Please send warm thoughts while we are absent, so that the garden can progress on schedule.

I confess, I was a little hasty in putting in those tender, warmth-loving plants...
but I am on a bit of a tight schedule this month.
Apparently, Mother Nature wanted to teach me the lesson...."everything in its own time."
Ok... lesson learned.

The countryside is just lovely these days...
the trees are all filled in and everything is green, green, green...
with the exception of just about every other field...

You might look at these fields and be reminded of "amber waves of grain"...
sadly, however, theses fields are not as romantic as that.
No, these fields are winter wheat (a winter cover crop) that has been
sprayed (literally to death) with Round Up.
Don't even get me started.
[arms crossed, frown on face]
No need to go on... I'm preaching to the choir!

Yes, in case you wondered, I am still knitting.  
I have several projects on needles at the moment.
The one that I am working through til completion is this watermelon shawl/scarf...
a perfect little wrap for cool evenings in the garden!!

Thanks for all the sweet comments regarding my foot surgery.
I am healing great and back in shoes again.
I am confident this will not hold me back on vacation.
Which.... by the way.... I am over-the-moon excited for!!

If you want to follow my photos while we are away,
please keep an eye on the Bee Haven Acres Facebook Page,
or follow my Instagram Bee Haven Acres page.
I'll take you along with me (in my pocket...the one closest to my heart!)

And last but not least... to answer a question asked by several yesterday.
The pink "masks" that Daphne and Chloe wear to graze are called grazing muzzles.

They restrict the amount of grass that the donkeys can eat in order to reduce the amount of 
calories taken in while the donkeys are out in the pasture.
The muzzle has a small hole when the donkeys would normally chew the grass...
allowing just a small amount of grass to be eaten at a time.
This helps to keep them from gaining weight and from having the accompanying health issues.


  1. Cute little chicks . . .
    Frosty arrived here for two nights in a row as well . . .
    I covered as much as I could . . .
    And it was a really hard frost . . .
    Bird bath water frozen . . .
    I checked temps at two in the morning . . . 27 degrees.
    My Annebelle Hydrangeas might have taken a hit!
    Enjoy Iceland!

  2. that scarf will be wonderful. i love the colors. all of my plants were moved back in the garage. i wasn't taking any chances.

  3. oooh, I am so looking forward to following along on your trip! We don't do a lot of traveling and I shall do so through you.

  4. You're off to Iceland, lucky you! Have fun! Watch out for vikings.

  5. diane in northern wisMay 10, 2017 at 10:02 PM

    Thanks for your blog, Bev. I loved the pics of your growing chicks and sweet Stella who is now alone. Can't wait to see your garden growing by leaps and bounds. Love that watermelon color scarf you're working on too. Hope your garden does well. Here our farmers talk about the "Iceman Days." They never plant until after the 3 iceman days of May 11, 12, and 13th. Hope all your plantings turn out great! Have a wonderful time in Iceland!


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