Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Moving Day

Which of these goats is not like the others?

I never really noticed the difference between our fainting goats 
and our dwarf Nigerian goats until this past weekend
when they all moved in together.

That's Stella... the black goat in the middle.
She has a normal sized body and very short legs.

In the past, on occasion, if the gate to the Nigerians is left unlocked,
we invariably find them the next day in the pasture with the Fainting goats....
their segregation being a throw-back to breeding days.

Now that we are no longer breeding
 (and our goat population has been dwindling in the past couple years)
we decided to allow both breeds to co-habitate.

The move was easy.
Hubbs enticed the Nigerians to cross the lane into the pasture
with the ultimate Farm treat.... Ritz crackers.
(It seems just about everyone will do just about anything for these treats!)

Stella spent the whole next day blubbering to her new friends.
Blubbering is a mating ritual.
Stella has a little gender confusion (she always has.)

Star (Stella's Mom) and Ash (Star's sister) made the move without a hitch.
The rest of the goats, though a little confused, carried on with their normal routines.

With the exception of 1 ½ inches of rain Sunday night,
we had a lovely holiday weekend.

It's such a beautiful time of year here on the farm!

Tyler spent Saturday and Sunday with us.

He's grown into such a gentle, caring child.

He has no fear of the animals...

freely wandering amongst them.

They have no fear of him as well.

It's fun to watch this young Pied Piper.

My heart is filled to bursting when I watch scenes like this!

Monday ended up being a work day here on the farm.
We tackled some items on the Spring Chore List...
and had a little excitement as well.
(To Be continued, tomorrow....)

Here is our wool back from the mill...
ready to make another rug.

This is core spun that is as thick as my little finger.
It was spun with the wool from all three sheep.
Isn't it lovely?
This roll of wool completely fills the wooden bench of an antique student's desk.


Colleen said...

Tyler is getting so tall!!
Love the wool and will be patiently waiting to see the rug.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

tyler is so sweet with the animals. and that wool! wonderful!

Karen Ann said...

These pictures are precious!! What a wonderful young man you have there. I love the wool, such a treasure to have a rug made from the wool of your very own sheep.

Do you happen to know the name of the variety of Iris you have there? Those blue hues are gorgeous - would love to plant some here.

Kathy said...

Such sweet photos of Tyler. He has learned that interaction from your example, Grammy! Well done!

Deb said...

A gentle soul, he is. :)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Children and animals have such a special bond, don't they? They communicate on such an open and accepting wavelength.

daisy gurl said...

I noticed how tall Tyler is getting too. They grow so fast. We may be seeing the next generation of vets there.

That yarn is gorgeous! Can't wait to see your project.

Anonymous said...

Loved today's post! Tyler is such a darling child! Bittersweet to see them growing up so fast though!

Your irises are gorgeous and so is the wool.

Missy George said...

Sweet post..Your grandchildren have benefited a lot from you and the farm..Tis good..Actually..the whole family has :) The wool looks wonderful..Enjoy your day..

Lynne said...

Your littleTyler is not little any more . . ,
Getting tall . . . I think you have mentored him very well . . .
He too loves the country, wide open spaces and animals.
Beautiful wool . . . can't wait to see what you make . .

Beverly Frankeny said...


If you look at Brecks' website...check out "Best Bet" tall bearded iris.

Lady Jane said...

I love all your wonderful pics. Love this farm. Hugs, LJ

diane in northern wis said...

Wow ....Tyler is getting so big, Bev. What a sweetheart he is and you can see how much he loves all the animals that he is so familiar with on your farm. The wool you got back from the processor is absolutely beautiful! And your irises and other flowers are looking so lovely. Thanks for the great blog and beautiful pictures and stories always!


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