Tuesday, May 2, 2017

From The Garden

I am sitting here eating a plate of asparagus.
I eat asparagus every day at this time of year...
and then not again until the following spring.
There is nothing quite as delicious as fresh asparagus...
and the secret is in the preparation.
(Although, I have to admit... I love it raw as well.)

No water ever touches my asparagus.
I sauté it on top of the stove in a little EVOO, or I roast it in the oven...
that way it always has a little crunch to it and tastes heavenly fresh!
We even eat asparagus in our omelets.
If you like asparagus, consider planting some roots in your garden,
and you, too, can enjoy this once-a-year delicacy.

I never buy asparagus in the grocery store.
By the time it reaches the store, it has traveled so many miles and spent so many days
out of the soil that it looses most all of its nutritional value
as well as its sublime taste.

So.... if you can... grow your own... or at least buy local.
Your taste buds will thank you!

I have been spending every spare moment gardening lately.
It's wonderful!
There is nothing that I find quite as rewarding as growing and then harvesting my own produce.
To watch life emerge from the ground out of a tiny seed...
and then grow into a huge bio-mass capable of sustaining life...
absolutely miraculous!

I took a pre-view video yesterday for you.
Unfortunately a storm was rolling in and the wind drowned out my voice...
which is not very loud right now as I am getting over laryngitis
(hence my absence yesterday...
 my pink fairy decided to share her upper respiratory infection with me.  
Fairies are like that!)

I also finished my larger fairy garden...

I'll take you for a preview tour of the vegetable garden on a sunny day.
Sound good?  OK!  It's a date!


  1. I love asparagus and admittedly have only eaten store bought, haven't put it in my garden. Yet!

    Love your fairy garden. I abandoned mine last year, perhaps time to dig it out and refurbish. The little gargoyle!... hobbit?... elf? ... adorable.

  2. I hope to some day have an asparagus bed. Love the stuff.

    Hope you're feeling stronger today. The asparagus can only help, right?

    Looking forward to your veggie video. Enjoy your gardening "chores". ;0D

  3. A looking good all though I am not a fan of asparagus but still looking good . It has been a soggy beginning of May for us so far wishing for the sun now all is lush in blooms and green here so I am happy with that . Lovely photos . thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  4. Fresh asparagus! I am like you only from our garden, I never buy it!

  5. we just put in new asparagus beds. the first ones where not done correctly. so, maybe in a couple years?! i love your fairy garden!

  6. I love asparagus . . .
    Had never tasted it until our move from Wisconsin to Michigan in '75.
    Lo and behold . . . we moved next door to a family whose grandparents introduced
    asparagus to western Michigan. We enjoyed asparagus daily back then . . .
    We had our first 2017 asparagus on Sunday . . . just coming up in our area.
    We can find "freshly picked daily" asparagus at road side stands near our home.
    And I agree . . . FRESH is the way to go . . . and a bit crunchy too.
    We cook it many ways . . . love it grilled.
    Deep fried asparagus in restaurants is very popular here . . .

  7. My fairies are all atwitter. They are packing their satchels as I am writing this. They are coming to visit you and may stay awhile. I hope you don't mind. They said it was a long way to fly after their last visit so they are going to ride on the backs of dragonflies. And the dragons may stay awhile too. They know you have some water they can fly over. So keep an eye out and if they stay too long, just ask them to leave. Oh and they still like tea and biscuits for breakfast. Maybe with a little jam. They can't wait to meet the Pink Fairy.

  8. I love asparagus....Yum..Your fairy garden is adorable..So many cute features..Good job..

  9. Love, Love , Love the fairy gardens! Where do you find all their accessories? And of course, the fairies? Do you mail order from someplace you recommend?
    Thanks in advance Margy in KY

  10. I love your fairy garden .....I have to work on bringing mine back to life .

  11. What a cute fairy garden! I haven't made ours (we're making 2) because it has been so cold and rainy here in IN. But I have been picking asparagus and we are eating it often too. I put some in a mushroom quiche-yum!


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