Monday, April 3, 2017

So. Much. Fun!

The most amazing weekend has come to a close,
and I find myself filled with immense gratitude.
for the love of family and friends...
and for all of you who stop by to visit each day and offer your love and support.
My birthday was The. Best. Ever!

Before I tell you about it...
I have to first tell you that I am so happy that you had a chance to meet
the love of my life... "Hubbs."
And, I have to tell you.... he bet me that he would get 37 comments on his blog post...
and he got 48 comments...
beating my all time high by a mile!
Thanks so much for the positive reinforcement.
I am sure he will be back from time to time.

Now do you understand why I say that I am just about the luckiest gal in the world?
He truly is a rare and precious treasure!

So.... here are the past three days encapsulated:

Friday evening Hubbs threw a surprise party for me at one of my favorite restaurants.

And he really did a great job...
inviting so many of my favorite people...

and picking out delicious food for a buffet.

So. Much. Fun!

Saturday we decided (on the spur of the moment) to join our friends in attending
a fundraiser for a local man with ALS.
It was an adult "Prom."
Tim and Amanda spent the weekend at the farm, so we girls headed to our local thrift store early
Saturday morning to pick out just the most perfect outfits for us and our dates.

We looked for the ugliest prom dresses we could find... and boy did we succeed!!

Here we are with our friend Annette.

(who actually has beautiful auburn/brunette hair) (#wigsarefun)
And, finally.... I got to wear a tiara!
We spent the evening dancing and laughing with our dates...

So.  Much.  Fun!

Sunday was the kind of day we live for here on the farm... skies...warm... birds singing... roosters crowing...
fingers in the dirt perfection!

Amanda and I spent the morning working in the newly finished garden.

We still need to plant grass between the boxes for the finished look...
but the boxes are finished and filled.

We worked on cleaning rocks out of the soil,
and then planted three types of onions...

and lettuce, radishes, and sugar peas.

We were supervised by the turkeys, who had to be ushered out of the garden,
when Fred decided to dance on the garden boxes.

Ahhh, the feel of soil between my fingers...
So. Much. Fun!

Our late afternoon was spent with Mackenzie and her parents.
While the men hit a bucket of golf balls, we gals hung out at the park...

and swinging...

So. Much. Fun!

If the weather holds out this week, I hope to get a few more garden projects completed.
It's also time to give Miss Minerva (scarecrow) her yearly makeover!


  1. A perfect Happy Birthday 60 . . .
    Garden Boxes

  2. I a thrilled that you had such a great birthday! Hope the rest of the years is just as awesome!

  3. Sounds like you had a very special, wonderful birthday. Your garden boxes look amazing and you've made a start with planting/sowing (gosh we have all been waiting for this time of year for so, so long). Going to be great to follow you through your garden projects.

  4. What a great read to start the week! Sounds like the most perfect weekend EVER. As always, thanks for sharing.

  5. So glad you had a blast. I was thinking about you this weekend. I knew it would be spectacular! Keep it going all month long!

  6. Love your new raised beds. My first weekend in the dirt. Great for the soul.

  7. I bet that adult prom was a blast. Ya'll all look great!

    Your surprise birthday was wonderful too.

  8. Oh my gosh Mackenzie has gotten so big. I am longing for a garden fresh tomato. They can go to Mars but can't figure out how to grow tomatoes in the winter. Not the hot house kind, REAL tomatoes. I still think you need a peacock or two. Love the turkeys. Was he doing the turkey trot?

  9. so glad yo had a good birthday! hubbs would have had more comments if i could have gotten mine to post. i tried and tried and kept getting an error message. your gardens are going to be terrific. you might need to open your own farm stand! i can't wait to see them fill in!

  10. Happy, Happy Birthday! Looks like you had the perfect weekend!

  11. I've been reading your blog for about 6 weeks - a friend sent it to me and of course, I subscribed. I live in North Iowa on 9 acres with some of the same "pets" as you - goats, chickens, one guinea, 12 assorted geese, 14 cats, 3 dogs and always a couple of dog boarders here. I am "livin' the dream" much like you! I also write a blog called Country Threads Chicken Scratch. My partner and I ran a quilt business on this acreage for 33 years - we retired the end of October 2014. Now I am enjoying the farm, yard and garden, animals and just 2 weeks ago brought home a 10 week old Jack Russell Terrier puppy named Hazel Jane. People thank me for my blog and sometimes I can't understand what they're thanking me for but I feel the same about your blog - thank you!!

  12. Happy to read your weekend was spent surrounded by loved ones and by getting to play in some dirt!

  13. We're enjoying the same beautiful weather and have cleaned out the gardens here as well - LAUGHING OUT LOUD at those prom dresses! What fun!

  14. What a perfect weekend for you ..Full of love for you from friends and family..Your garden boxes look great. Nice that Fred wanted to help..Do they eat the seed or just scratch around? Can't wait to see Miss Minerva in her new duds..Have a good week..Looks like a coupe of rainy days..More knitting time..

  15. diane in northern wisApril 3, 2017 at 8:38 PM

    Looks like you had a wonderful birthday weekend Bev! I wish I could have been there to join in the fun. Loved seeing all of you at your surprise party....loved seeing the three of you in those fancy dresses for the prom with beaus that matched! Loved seeing you out planting your garden boxes. That's so exciting as I think we're far from that point here as of yet. And I always love seeing your turkey buddies so close by. What a great blog Bev. Thanks again for including us in your fun.

  16. Ahh, Ms Minervia... she is a Garden staple...
    Happiness is garden dirt underneath ones finger nails!

  17. Happy Birthday! Glad it was great. :}
    Loved the prom lol.
    Garden is looking good.
    The baby reallyyy looks just like you ! :O :}

  18. An American in TokyoApril 3, 2017 at 10:12 PM

    Happy Belated Birthday!!
    It sounds like you had a wonderful 3 days!!

    Can't wait to see how your garden looks in a few weeks!!
    I love how the turkeys have to supervise your work, too. hee hee!


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