Wednesday, April 12, 2017


It is sunny, 80 degrees and I am up to my elbows in garden soil and compost.
Let me hear you say "AMEND!" brothers and sisters!

(Gracie and her girls just gave a resounding "AMEN!"...
they are so happy to be shorn in this hot weather!)

Our garden soil is in pretty good shape...
rocks removed, no weeds coming up (yet).
Some of our boxes I have amended with composted manure...
as some plants (such as leeks) require extremely rich soil.
Leeks pull a ton of nutrients out of the soil, so it is recommended to bury
a layer of composted manure several inches beneath the soil.

Hubbs (our Manure Manager) used the tractor to scoop a load of our oldest compost...

and dumped it into the back of the gator...
which I drove into the garden.

When we planned the new garden boxes,
we made sure to make aisles that were wide enough to accommodate the Gator
and our mowers.
Eventually there will be grass growing between and around the boxes.

I dug deep into the soil, removed the rocks...
dumped in the compost...

raked soil back over the compost....
planted the leeks (which had been previously started from seed.

So far I have planted: radishes, beets, carrots sweet potatoes and scallions from seed.
Red and yellow onion sets.
30 Broccoli plants.
30 cabbage plants
4 Chinese cabbage
6 red cabbage
12 kohlrabi
12 kale
12 swiss chard
red and green leaf lettuce

All of the above are plants that can tolerate cooler weather.
The rest of the garden will be planted in May, when warm weather is here to stay.
Around my broccoli plants I planted Rosemary plants as I read that aromatic herbs
help to keep the insects away.

I have mentioned before that I have many garden fairies.
I couldn't have this large a garden without them, for sure.
It seems, however, that I also have a few sprites.
You know when sprites are in your garden, as mischief is their calling card.
Yesterday, as I was turning over the soil and adding compost...
I happened to hit something quite large and solid in one of my boxes.
I dug down, and unearthed this!

Those sprites.... they sure gave me a surprise... and a good laugh! new favorite garden gloves are these...

they do a great job of digging through the soil.


  1. My husband saw those gloves and was wondering if they worked well. I was afraid that it was another gimmick. So I'm glad to see one person using them. I might have to get some now.

    Spring Peeper Farm

  2. It's amazing that we have not dug up a skull on our place. The neighbor said that the native american's lived on our property. They had found a 5 gallon bucket of arrow heads. We have several dozen.

    Everything is looking good.

  3. Looks like tha warmer weather has made it possible
    to get many plants placed in the boxes . . .
    and with a bit of "skull fun" along the way . . .
    I have seen those gloves advertised . . .
    thanks for the testimonial . . .
    I need to try them too!

  4. So . . . anyone missing around your neighbourhood? What about old Yorick down the road?

  5. So exciting to see you planting! I can't wait to see all those goodies coming up! I have started leeks in tin cans, they are one of my favorite crops. Thank you for the valuable information about their needs.

    Those sprites! Always digging up trouble!

    Enjoy the beautiful weather!

  6. I sure wonder what it would be like to have such great equipment to help me with my gardens! I just have my shovel, wheelbarrow and poor aching back, but I must admit that I burn a lot of calories. Love those gloves!

  7. Gosh ... Your garden is looking so smart. You have made such a wonderful start. Can't believe you have 80 degrees already. In your part of the world one minute it seems to be freezing cold and the next you are basking in the warm sunshine. I wish we were baking in warm sunshine here in UK (cold and wet ... again).

  8. I think you have garden Imps..I am sure of it..The question is, which one did the deed?
    You have accomplished a lot in such a short time..No surprise there..Glad the gloves are working for you..After a little rain this morning, the sun is coming out..Have a happy day..

  9. You sure have gotten a lot put in your garden already! I was wondering what you have used in the past for keeping your broccoli bug free. We actually quit growing it because of all the cabbage worms. And let us know if the rosemary works!


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