Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Sheep Shearing

Yesterday was sheep-shearing day...
and it came not a minute too soon.

Temperatures have climbed to 80 degrees this week...
no longer wool coat weather!

With the help of a pack of Ritz crackers,
we walked the sheep up to the barn about a half hour before our shearer was to arrive.

Luckily, these three will follow me anywhere...
as long as I have a pack of Ritz crackers.

They waited patiently in an empty stall...

then each took her turn getting the perfect sheeply makeover.

It's amazing how much wool these gals produced in one year's time.

It's also amazing how chubby they remain even without their fleeces!

After all the gals were shorn
we ended up with a huge bag of fleece.

The shearer took the fleeces to the mill where they will be washed,
carded and spun into thick, luscious core spun yarn.

With Ritz in hand, we made the trek back to the sheep yard.
These three look like totally different animals now...
and so clean!
If only they would stay that way.

By the way...
on the way back to the sheep yard we stopped to have a snack.

All three girls ate as many Ritz crackers as they could in the shortest time.
This is quite unusual, especially for Hope...
who hardly ever eats one whole cracker.
We concluded that they were stress-eating!

Now tell me...
aren't those just the cutest little butts!


  1. SHEARING DAY!!!!! Hooray! Those sheep are the cutest sheep ever! What plans do you have for this year's harvest of wool?

  2. oh my goodness, the chubbyness! ....lol.. They're adorable. My sister adopted two sheep, one of which was pregnant. This winter she gave birth to twins, who she immediately rejected! They are adorable, and very attached to my sister and her husband, who have bottled raised them.

  3. What a lovely way to spend the day.
    Glad your weather is warming up!

  4. no kidding just in time! it was almost 70 here this morning. i wish i could shear teddy. she needs it.

  5. Yes indeed . . .
    Cutest butts!
    Really liked watching the video . . .
    amazing to watch the shearing, see the amount too!

    (Loved the comment above, "Yes sir, Yes sir. Three bags full!")

  6. It always amazes me at how efficient the shearers are at their job. I bet it felt good to get all that wool off those cute chubby bodies.

  7. I love shearing time a sure sign that the year has turned a corner

  8. You need to put Bunny ears on those butts..They look like bunny heels and noses..!!

  9. BUNNY CHEEKS !! auto correct is auto wrong

  10. They have big eyes! I am sure they feel so light and airy!

  11. I bet they are glad to get all that taken off , I know I would be lol ! on our farm when we sheared our sheep we used to joke and say they were now naked and running about like crazies as they felt so much cooler and lighter lol ! Lovely post and photos oh and you now have lots of good wool to weave and spin . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  12. diane in northern wisApril 11, 2017 at 10:52 PM

    Aww I love your sheep Bev. So nice that they're all sheared and ready for summer. And you will get a lot of wool from them! Thanks for the great pics.

  13. An American in TokyoApril 11, 2017 at 11:16 PM

    Cute sheepie butts!!

    It's amazing how placid they are while they are being sheared!!
    I guess they are not scared of the noise coming from the shaver thing?

  14. Sheep always look so funny after they've been sheared. Mine don't recognize each other after shearing and start butting heads as though they were complete strangers! Those ARE the cutest little butts.

  15. Hi Bev!
    I don't comment very often but I am a regular reader of your blog. I feel like you, your hubs, children, grandchildren and pets are dear friends! Reading your blog Monday-Friday takes me to my happy place! Thank you!
    Those buns are adorable!!! Hugs!


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