Thursday, April 20, 2017

Girl Time

"Sometimes we gals just need a little "alone" time....
or a little time to chat with the girls."

"It's not that we don't adore you men...
we do!
But... an occasional "girls day" recharges our batteries.
Spending some time with our besties who "get" us...
who speak the same language."

Actually, when it comes to the turkeys,
Ethel does her own thing for the most part.
Tom and Chuck spend most of the time hanging out together...
trying to out-flex each other.
Ethel's never impressed.

These two turkey boys spend all day, every day, together and having been getting along marvelously.
In the past, when Chuck was alive (before the arrival of Fred and Ethel),
our two turkey boys would fight at this time of year....
a mating season ritual.
So far, Tom and Chuck seem to cohabit in peace.

Ethel spends most of her time with the hens or on her own...
snacking here and there,
and indulging in dust baths at the public baths.
Occasionally in the middle of the day she will head back to the turkey house to lay an egg.
She's an independent woman with her own agenda!

Yesterday I mentioned Chinese Red Noodle Beans.
If you are unfamiliar, here is a photo from last summer....

These beans are excellent climbers and produce lots of long (12 inches at least!)
red beans that taste just like green beans.
I use them in stir fry...
and by the way, they turn green when you cook them.

Another vining bean that I will plant on the tunnel trellis are these Christmas limas.

With no nights dropping below 40 in the extended forecast,
I might just be able to get the rest of the seeds into the ground in record time!


  1. I would say Ethel has the life!!

  2. Those turkey boys are silly!

  3. Wow, those red noodle beans look cool!

  4. Love how well Tom and Fred get along. You did a great job socializing them after Chuck passed. As for Ethel...sometimes a girl just has to be alone. Happy planting!


  5. Thanks for the bean explanation.. I might try them here at This Old House..

  6. My garden is flourishing here in So Cal! I can't wait to see yours again! Those red beans lookin interesting!!
    xo Kris

  7. i should try to grow those beans. i never plant enough beans.

  8. Isn't nature amazing..and how animals/bird act and interact with each other? I think it is so comical how the males are always preening themselves so the "look good" for the girls. lol
    Hope you have a wonderful Thursday. xo Diana

  9. diane in northern wisApril 20, 2017 at 9:46 PM

    Just love your blog Bev. I always love seeing those turkey boys and Ethel! Now that we have moved way up north on a lake, we no longer see 50 turkeys walking around our place, so I always enjoy seeing your turkeys, who sometimes seem more like dogs the way they follow you around. We do have loons though....and I could listen to the sound they make, all day.


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