Monday, March 13, 2017

Wrapping Up a Full Weekend

What a full and wonderful weekend we had.
When we last chatted, the farm looked like this...

by Friday it looked like this...

and there is a bigger storm on the way tomorrow!
Perhaps Winter didn't get the memo...
he was to move out and be gone a few weeks ago (says me)!

Saturday morning I arose, did morning chores

showered and painted my toes...

After preparing breakfast...  spinach/bacon quiche, fresh pineapple,
and these luscious chocolate donuts with chocolate ganache and peanuts...

I sat in front of the fire and worked on my latest knitting project.
(This one's going to take a while.)

Then we headed out to the woods to take care of the weather "leftovers"
from this past week.
(I forgot to mention that Amanda and Tim were home for the weekend.)

The tent roof needed snow removal...

and there were 2 huge trees down across the trail through the woods.

The four of us worked together... 

making clean up go quite quickly.

We spent the evening at a local micro-brewery with some of our kids and their friends.

Then Sunday after farm breakfast and chores,
we drove to Philadelphia to see Cirque Du Soleil's show "Toruk."


We were transported to the world of James Cameron's Avatar.

There is nothing in this world like a Cirque Du Soleil show.
It is sure to touch the inner child in anyone!

And now, to get the farm ready for what is hopefully our last
and only major snowstorm of the season.
12 to 20 inches are headed our way tonight.


  1. WOW!! 12 to 20 inches! That sounds beautiful, but NO FUN from a work perspective! Be careful and stay warm!

  2. hahaha, when you started telling about what all you had for breakfast, I thought you and your husband were starving. Glad you got some good help to get all those chores done.

  3. Productive days just feed my soul. How wonderful that you had some help to get it all done before the BIG one hits.
    Stay safe!

  4. 12-20 inches is a bunch of snow . . .
    Even more so when we are OVER IT!
    Winter had its chance . . .
    Darn . . . guess what . . .
    White World has arrived here in Western Michigan . . .
    Get Ready for the 12-20 . . ,

    Hearty breakfast for two . . . then I read,
    The Rest Of The Story . . .
    I think you worked it off . . .

  5. Winter is always a bad tenant, hard to evict.

  6. i've been thinking about you and wondering how much you will get! if we are expecting 5-7 inches, you are oin for a real dump! i am SO excited. i, of course, can't wait for the snow! i might get some winter yet....woohoo!!!!!!

  7. Sounds like an enviable weekend..Glad you got to go!! Batten down the hatches..Winter finally decided to visit..I feel bad fro all our bulbs and buds..Brrr

  8. We got a taste of Spring this weekend. One day raining cats and dogs, the next day sunshine and in the sixties! Even got the yard mowed! 12to 20 inches, yikes! Batten down the hatches and stoke the fire! You are going to need it. Let's hope this is the last of old man winter!

  9. An American in TokyoMarch 13, 2017 at 8:33 PM

    What a huge change in weather!!

    I love, love, love Cirque Du Soleil!!
    Whenever I have a chance, I go see one of their shows!!
    I never heard of Toruk, it must be new!!

    Your toes are painted in the cutest colors!
    How do you have time to get everything done?!
    I paint my toes maybe only once a month or so because I never seem to have the time...

  10. oh how I wish I could paint my toes,,, but alas,,, I can barely reach them,,, let alone see them with out my reading glasses on!!! lol!


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