Friday, March 3, 2017

What a Difference a Day Makes

Yesterday I showed you our old hen, Minnie Pearl, after she had been out in Wednesday's storms.

Here she is in yesterday's wind...

Much better!

Do you see the white feathers on top of her head?
That's the chicken version of going grey.
She didn't have those feathers when she was younger... they were all gold and black.
She's our oldest hen... 8 years old and still laying an occasional egg.
She's my inspiration!

Yesterday was Hubbs' birthday and a day off work to celebrate.
We took the dogs for a hike.

The turkey boys followed.

And followed.

And followed.

For about a quarter mile.

By the time we reached the outdoor arena, they lost their steam.

After traipsing through the woods...

we returned to the arena to see if the turkeys were waiting for us there.

Luckily, they had the sense to find their way home again
and were resting there when we returned.

Since the bear activity of late, we decided to check a few of the game cameras.
Sadly, there were no bear pictures.
There were, however, lots of deer...

and the usual running fox!


  1. What a striking hen! Glad that hubby got some down time for his birthday.
    Your property is just stunning. So much to explore. A real dream come true.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Eight year old hen is quite the prize . . .
    What color egg, eggs, does she lay . . .
    I am amazed at the color of eggs from the different hens . . .
    Natural color indeed . . .

  3. some people want to run with the bulls, i want to walk with the turkeys.

  4. That's a beautiful hen. I have one that I think is older than that.

    laughing at the turkey stalkers.

    Hope your hubby had a fantastic birthday. It must have been chilly, he is all bundled up.

    Happy weekend.

  5. Yes, the weather has turned sharply colder here. March is truly coming in like a lion! That little hen lays little white eggs.


  6. How adorable is that - turkeys tagging along. Are you doing more chicks this year? Just got my six (a very small batch due to space limitations in coop).

  7. Minnie Pearl is a beauty even when wind blown..The turkeys got pretty far..I'm glad they had enough stamina to make it back home..Hope Hubs had a happy day..Looks like he spent a part of it off the phone!!

  8. Lovely! Your land is beautiful, your chicken is adorably funny with that head of "hair" lol...thanks for sharing. I would love to have a few game cameras. Just to see what's pooping by our bird feeder!!!

  9. Sounds like a perfect day! Happy birthday to your hubz!


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