Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Snowlong, Snow!

One week later and our snow is all but gone.

In its place is a quagmire of muck and mud...
the kind of mud that tries its best to suck the boots right off your feet.

There are little rivers running all over the farm...

and puddles standing everywhere.

The ground is completely saturated.
Given a little time, sunshine, and spring breezes, the ground will once again
dry and Spring will burst forth in all her verdant glory.
And I can hardly wait!
Oh, I am so eager to get my fingers into the earth once again.
I am still waiting for the completion of the garden boxes so that I can amend the soil
and begin planting.
Normally I would have sugar peas planted by now!

I've been spending these (once again) warmer days doing some clean-up chores.
Yesterday afternoon I worked on the pig yard.

There is still a good deal of snow in this one area of the farm as it is on a northern slope.

Can you tell where the treat corner is?

There is a little piggy highway leading right to the treat mailbox.
No matter the weather, these girls still find their way out to the corner
for their beloved Ritz crackers!

While I was cleaning up pig manure, somebody was trying to get my attention through
the bushes...

The poor equines are stuck in the dry (muddy) lot to preserve the integrity of the soggy front pasture.
I feel sorry for them each year at this time... having to stay in for days at a time.
Luckily the dry lot is fairly large and there's plenty of room for them to romp and play.

Since I cannot yet be in the garden, my spare time is spent working on this cowl....

I cannot tell you how many hours I have logged on this project...
and I am only almost half way done.
Luckily this is a fun pattern!


  1. That cowl looks complicated. It's going to be a nice one when you get finished.

  2. I can't believe the snow is almost gone in one week . . .
    Love the cowl . . . pattern . . .

  3. the cowl is going to be wonderful! it looks like halloween! you should move the treats around in the pig area so they will clean the whole place out!

  4. Looks like our neighborhood..Mud and streams. Rain in the forecast..cold..then warm again..more mud..Geez!! Love that picture of Moonbeam..Love the patterns in your cowl..Looking good..

  5. I feel your pain, we are almost dry but they're forecasting heavy rain in a couple of days. After that we will enter our FIFTH!!! mud season of 2017.


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