Friday, March 31, 2017

Hubbs Writes....

Many of you have known me as “Hubbs.” 

I am the clearly lesser half of the Beehaven Acres Farm Team.   As I near my retirement, Bev has asked me to contribute a blog now and then.  I agreed only if she could help me upload it and agree to no editing power.  That second demand made her a little nervous, but she reluctantly agreed.   
Here we go...

First, a disclaimer.  
If I started a blog of my own, by Thursday of the first week,
I would have nothing left to say.

This is in contradistinction to Bev, the Beehaven Maven we share.  She has an amazing ability to find content and context that is worth reading, then writes it in a way that is entertaining, inspiring, humorous, and informative.  She also acts as the staff photographer.  She does this EVERY DAY. 

Her first blog was on March 1st, 2006.  She has written 2,298 blog posts since that time. To those of you who also write daily blogs, we mere mortals are duly impressed. 

Yesterday was a typical day.  Let me map this out for you.  Timeline:

3:45:  she says, “Mmmm, I don’t have a blog for tomorrow.”
3:47:  Out with the dogs to find some pictures.
4:00:  Returns with some great shots and the dogs.
4:01:  Downloads the pictures
4:02:  Asks me what I want for dinner.   Of course I have no ideas.  I always say “spaghetti.”
4:03:  Begins to write a blog
4:07:  Decides we are going to have Parmesan Encrusted Chicken (she long ago learned to ignore my ideas for dinner and for blog posts.  She knows that I will love her ideas for both, regardless of what she comes up with).
4:20:  Completes her blog
4:21:  Asks me to look it over for editorial input.  After reading it, I always say “spaghetti.”  No, oops, I mean I say “that is awesome.”
4:25:  Makes an amazing dinner.

Anyway, that is how it is done.   Impressive. 

So, I have just a couple things to ask of each of you.

I need you to continue to read and comment on her blog.  You keep her inspired, and encourage her to do more.  I thank you for your encouragement and support of Bev.  I will do my part also. Years ago, when she and I were falling in love, she wrote a collection of poems that—to anyone who read them—were so penetratingly beautiful and passionate that they stopped the reader dead in their tracks for a moment to reflect and recover (Bev later threw them out, as she thought she could do better; I still haven’t fully recovered from the loss, and she is yet to write more poetry).

As my retirement starts today, I hope to be able to spend countless moments of just “being” with the most amazing person I have ever been privileged to meet.  
I don’t care what it is that we do, just so we are together. 

I don’t know if being with someone who loves you that much will help inspire her to write poetry, a children’s book, or a novel.   Just in case that is not enough, I plan to take from her some more of the farm work (I am assuming the position of Manager of the Manure, taking control of all steps in the process of creating the world’s best compost) so that she may have more energy to share with the world some more of her amazing gifts.  We shall see…seems like you cannot predict the path of creativity.  What a great adventure awaits.  

PS:  Oh by the way, today is Bev’s 60th birthday.  I told her that it was no big deal to turn 60, so I include it here only as a post-script.

PSS:  I have now expended my blog writing ability for about 3 months.  See you next quarter.


  1. Hello Hubbs I dont think we have met before, a lovely blog post and I hope we hear more from you, its good to get the male perspective on things, Manure Manager sounds like a great promotion for some-one who has just retired, my hubby will be joining me here on the homestead full time end of May, I wonder if he would like to be Manure Manager.
    Happy Birthday Bev a couple of years and I will be joining you in the 60's.

  2. Kathy Leitzel (kcchick)March 31, 2017 at 5:27 AM

    Oh hubbs, you also have your own way with words and people, or you would not be in the profession you were in!!!!! What a wonderful blog, and what a wonderful tribute to your exceptional wife!!!! I do believe he is a keeper, Bev!!!!! Thank you both for the enlightening blogs to strart my mornings!!!! Keep up the good work!!!

  3. Hello and nice to meet you "Hubbs". Sounds like you are going to have a wonderful retirement - I wish I could be "Manager of the Manure" sounds like great fun. I think your wife is the one who inspires us all - however does she do it, fit everything in to her days? Bee Haven Acres is a very special blog, written by a very special lady that we have all been lucky enough to meet through blogland. Keep up the good work - both of you. P.S. Happy Birthday Bev.

  4. Happy 60th Bev. Congrats on Hubbs retirement. I hope you both enjoy this time fully! The poems sound wonderful. I'd love to read them. Hope you start writing.

  5. My coworkers and I so enjoy reading your blog every morning before we go into work. Not a day goes by that we don't sit together at lunch and comment about how much we enjoy this. Keep on writing and sharing those pictures! We look forward to each post! Happy Birthday Bev!
    Ps Hubbs, you did a great job! We look forward to future blogs from you also!


  6. Dear Beverly's Hubbs - may you have a long and enjoyable retirement with the woman you love so dearly - Seems to me you are both gems, what a gift to have each other. We look forwarded to your quarterly installments - and...

    Happy Birthday Bev!!!

  7. So happy to hear that you will be able to enjoy BHA full time. Oh what fun you both will have. I think you should be able to squeeze out one weekend blog a month for us.😉 As Manure Manager I expect you will have the best compost in PA!!
    Happy retirement to you and Happy Birthday Bev. 🎂💚🎂❤🎂💜🎂💙🎂

  8. Hubbs, Happy Retirement!! Your post was beautiful!! I wish you both the very, very best.

    Bev is truly amazing. I start my day with reading her uplifting blog. She truly has special gifts.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEV and MANY, many more!!! To the hubbs, congratulations on your retirement and new title on the farm.

    You both rock, Janie

  9. Oh my stars, you are a riot. What a pair you two make. Congratulations on your retirement, although, of course, you realize that Bev will keep you so busy you won't know what the word means. Can't wait to hear your composting secrets!

    Your t-shirt honoring your wife is the bomb. I wonder what it says on the back?

    What a beautiful tribute you've made to the love of your life. Your words are so powerful, illustrating your feelings for her so well. Wishing you both many years of bliss together.

    Happy Birthday Bev! Thank you for enriching my life in so many ways.

  10. I read Bev's posts every morning. I don't always comment because I am rushing to get to school on time. There wasn't a post that I haven't enjoy (except a few when the animals passed). Great first blog post and a wonderful birthday wish to Bev!

  11. Wonderful to meet you "Hubbs" . . .
    Happy Retirement . . .

    I am sure Bev will enjoy "tossing the manure" job to the new manager!
    Nice gift for Bev's 60th . . . a day off . . .
    Enjoy the day you two . . .
    The best is yet to be . . .

    Happy Birthday Beverly . . .
    I'd say that Hubbs of yours is a keeper. . .

  12. Hello, Hubbs! I call my husband "Hubs" as well. :) Happy retirement, (well, happy change of jobs!! My Hubs retired in Feb, and his new job is caring for his elderly, ailing parents AND he works for a funeral home here in town!)

    What a lovely tribute to Bev! And a very happy 60th to you, Bev! Oh, you bet I will continue reading her blog! I have an icon on my desktop to ONLY 2 blogs, and this is one of them! When I am on vacation, I read it too! I love Bev's attitude and outlook upon life. There are plenty of reasons to celebrate the GOOD, and she does, and how I look forward to reading her blog every day, for that very reason. Those who claim she is too optimistic, well, read another blog. I adore her optimism! This world needs more Bevs. Seriously.

    I love her pictures, her craft projects, her devotion to animals and human family, and most of all, the obvious love that Bev has for LIFE and all that is in it.
    You DO rock, Bev!!
    Karla from Coal City, Illinois

  13. What a wonderful post about the love of your life! Brought tears to my eyes. I know the poetry continues in a living sense; I see it through the love for your family, both two and four footed.


  14. Happy birthday Bev! Happy retirement Hubbs! I teared up reading your post. I love this blog it is the only one I read every day and dread the weekends, lol when there is nothing to read. I am in awe of Bev and her abilities! She should write a book for sure! TerriC

  15. Great post! It helps when you're mentored by the best, I guess!

    Happy birthday, Bev!

    Happy retirement, Hubbs!

    Like others, I read religiously but don't often comment; but this blog is the bright spot of my morning - besides my animals.

    Thanks for putting so much time and effort into every post. I know it can't be easy, on top of running the farm, regular house chores and planning and executing those great family parties that we sort of get to be a part of.

  16. She's really giving up the Manure managing? I hope you read the manual ... seriously though, you don't come up short when it comes to expressing your feelings. That was a beautiful post. ( Making me cry ) are both perfect together and so lucky to have each other. I know that each of you appreciates the other. Happy birthday Beverly and happy retirement to you ....hugs

  17. Dear Hubbs, I have know you for a very long time as a wonderful surgeon and friend!! Bev is just has blessed to have you as you are to have her!! I thoroughly enjoy Bev's blogs and will now look forward every quarter to hearing from you! Congrats on your retirement!! It will surely be strange not to see your smiling face when I go to OIP!! It has surely been a blessing from God to have met you both! Happy Birthday Bev!! I hope you have an amazing day!! How could it be anything less with your "Hubbs"!! Sandy, Big Dog, and Hunter

  18. 1st Happy 60th Birthday to you Bev
    You are a lucky lady. Your Hubbs is a great guy.

    2nd to Hubbs. Manager of Manure sounds like a very important job. Good luck in that venture.

    lol.... when I saw you in that my wife rocks t-shirt I would have sworn that Bruce Willis was on the Bee Haven Blog. For some reason that is the only picture on the post that reminds me of him.

    I appreciate any man who can profess his love for his wife like you do. I am a lucky person who has also found my true soul mate.

    You too have a great day celebrating Bev's day. Happy weekend.

  19. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEV!👩‍🌾🎂and congrats to Hubbs on his retirement. BEV your blog is the first thing I read each morning and enjoy being g a part of your farm family. And just between you and me " I think Hubbs is a keeper "!😉 Have a blessed day!

  20. You're a lucky guy, Hubbs. Happy Retirement to you and Happy Birthday to Bev!

  21. Congrats on your retirement Jack! Miss you! Wish I was retiring too!

  22. A great blog post! Happy Birthday Bev and congrats to you Hubbs on your retirement! I hope you folks have a wonderful second half!

  23. LOL, great post Jack.

    I read every Bee Haven post... they are always awesome!! Have a Happy Bday Bev :-).

  24. #relationshipgoals
    I love you two... I love the way you love each other. Your relationship is inspiring and refreshing.

  25. Congrats on the retirement Hubbs. So now you and Bev will be together 24 hours a day, every day? Good thing you have a lot of property. Lol. Just kidding. She seems like a wonderful person and so do you. Do help her scoop the manure. That is a thankless job. Oh and by the way, guess what we're having for supper? Any guesses?

  26. Happy Birthday Bev! Happy Retirement Hubbs! My day doesn't start until I read Bee Haven Acres :)

  27. Happy Retirement, Hubbs! Your awesome farm is a great place to do it!
    And Happy Birthday to your amazing wife. I start each day with her blog.
    Marcy from Atlanta

  28. I echo the sentiments already expressed here - love Bev and BHA! Your post is a delight and wish you the best in retirement, a new and wonderful chapter.

  29. Will you two adopt me??? Great post, Hubbs! Beautiful expression of love and admiration. Wishing you both many great adventures ahead, that you will, of course, share with us! Happy birthday, Bev! You inspire me every day. Not kidding about the adoption!!!

  30. Happy Birthday Bev! You are an awe inspiring Maven! Sometimes I get exhausted just reading about all you accomplish in 24 hours. I believe I once asked you if you ever sleep! LOL And Happy "official" retirement Hubbs. My family will surely miss you in your "pre-retirement" capacity! And we thank God for you and your personable healing care over the years. Very best wishes to everyone at BHA for a long lived joyful retirement. I greatly enjoyed your blog today and like many others look forward to your future contributions. May God Bless you and keep you always!

  31. Happy Birthday !!!!

  32. Special Happy Birthday wishes to you Bev! Love you, the farm pets and all your posts. Congratulations to Hubs on his retirement too. Patty/Nova Scotia. Enjoy your very special day.

  33. Congratulations to both of you! Let the adventures begin! And thank you for sharing your lives and animals with us, real people are the most inspiring of all!

  34. Hello Hubbs! Happy Retirement. Now the real fun begins. Happy Birthday to Bev. I read your blog everyday. I'm looking forward to your garden progress. Being in charge of manure probably means your gardens will be spectacular! Have a great day.

  35. Well said. Congratulations on your retirement, although I think you will be busier than before.

  36. Hubbs, you brought tears to my eyes. The love of you two is genuine as well as the love of nature and animals. You are a wonderful blogger and I look forward to seeing more. I love reading the blog every day and it is my inspiration.

  37. The first day of retirement is a milestone -- enjoy the day! Love the blog and check in every single day -- maybe someday we'll see Bev's recipe for spaghetti!

  38. Happy Birthday. I love you. And that is that!

  39. Happy Birthday, Bev. I wanna be like you when I grow up! But, inasmuch as I'm about to turn 80 years, am afraid it is too late for that. So I do enjoy all you do vicariously (and enviously) via your blogs. The blog from Hubbs was absolutely the best and you have both been richly blessed. Thank you for sharing with those of us who so enjoy your blogs and just stand in awe of you!

    Happy Birthday wishes again!

  40. If it is true we are the sum of the five people (animals) we hang with most - then you are both very blessed. I love the blog, her amazing-realistic-positive attitude toward the life you have chosen; & wish you both the best. "Happy birthday Bev" - "Welcome to retirement Hubbs". The best is yet to come. Great blog / great be continued!

  41. Congratulations, you have plenty of important events to celbrate today! now that we have read your prose, Dear Hubbs, we expect a daily blog "à quatre mains": forget about writing a long post every quarter! Carine from France

  42. diane in northern wisMarch 31, 2017 at 8:57 PM

    Thanks Hubbs, for the awesome blog post today. I appreciate it. I would say that the two of you are great gifts to each other. I didn't realize that you were retiring today, on your wife's birthday. Wow. That's great. I hope and pray that she is having a super 60th birthday and that you're spoiling her good! I so appreciate her daily posts....they are always so interesting and filled with such wonderful pictures. She is are right about that. I look forward to reading her posts so much. Thanks for taking care of such a big farm full of animals and joy. It's a great place to come to. God Bless You Both.

  43. Happy Birthday! I thought about you several times today, and I hope you had an awesome day from start to finish! And congrats to Hubbs for his first (of many) blog posts, and on his first day of his new job as MoM (Manager of Manure). Don't retire - just expand your farm!!! I love this blog, and like many others, start almost all of my days sipping on tea or coffee, house quiet and dark, reading about what Beverly accomplished the previous day. Always inspring. :-)

  44. Jack - didn't realize you were so close to retirement. Have many wonder-filled years with the most interesting blogger I've found. And your post was so filled with love I have no doubt you would gladly manage all the manure she could find!

    The Big 6-0? Really? Happy Bev-Day to you. I am even more amazed at the amount of work and fun you get accomplished every day! You two are blessed. Sharon Weaver

  45. Bev, welcome to the sixties! Hubbs, welcome to retirement! Now you two go out and have some fun!

  46. Bev, welcome to the sixties! Hubbs, welcome to retirement! Now you two go out and have some fun!

  47. Dear Bev's "Hubb,s"... congrats on the retirement,,,, enjoy your forever path with your fabulous wife.

    Bev,,, Happy Happy Happy Birthday dear friend...

    p.s.,,, Dear Bev's Hubb... now can Bev have a vintage trailer???

    p.s.s., Bev's Hubb,,, I am sure she will share it with you...

  48. OK Bev here's your assignment, randomly pick a couple of your 2,000 plus posts and condense it into a haiku poem. doesn't take a lot of time and will be good practice for your first book of poetry that you will publish in your retirement!?
    You don't look sixty
    Happy 60th Birthday
    I love poetry!

  49. dear beverly and her dear hubbs...such a love story...thank you for sharing your many blessings with us...looking forward to seeing the new garden and all the rewards of your work...take care...sally

  50. An American in TokyoApril 3, 2017 at 10:15 PM

    Thank you for taking care of the blog today and looking forward to seeing more blog posts from you! =)

    Please enjoy your retirement and share your fun moments with us!!


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