Friday, March 10, 2017

Electricity... A Blogging Necessity!

I missed our chat yesterday!
Unfortunately, a wind storm knocked us back into the 19th century for several hours
and I was unable to use our computer.

Heading out to check on everyone yesterday morning,
I found this scene.

This tree came down across our driveway but was not the reason for the power outage.
One of our neighbor's trees fell and took the power line down with it.
Our tree?  Just a nuisance.

Luckily I could fit the gator between the tree and the woods...
making morning chores so much easier!

The rest of the day was sunny and temperate, but the winds persisted...
just not as severe as the previous day.

We've had the weirdest weather this month... which is typical for March.
We've had rain and snow and warm temperatures (and that's just been within the past week!)
Apparently we are headed for more snow as our temps drop sharply beginning today.

(April is looking pretty good to me right now!)
No matter the weather, I know that Spring is just around the corner.
I hear it every morning in the bluebirds' songs.

I am still stuck in that slower part of the year...
still too early to garden or do yard work 
(except winter clean up.)

By the way... the garden boxes should be finished today...
unless the snow persists.

After finishing morning chores, laundry (perfect weather for hanging sheets out to dry!)
and vacuuming,
I baked this:

If the finished loaf is half as good as the batter and frosting tasted,
it's a real winner!

I have started a new knitting project:

One of the things I look for when I pick a project is
a pattern with something I have never done before.
Pushing myself to learn new skills has really helped me improve quickly.

My biggest piece of advice for anyone taking up knitting...
Youtube can be your best friend.... it's the best way to learn anything you need to learn!
And push yourself beyond the limits of comfort...
it's the only way you will grow.
But, I guess that can be applied to just about anything.
I think that the fear of failure holds us back and limits our growth.
Fear can be all that stands between us and our dreams!

PS...Lemon loaf is to die for!!....seriously great!


  1. I really don't know how you fit everything into your day. The garden boxes look great and they will be amazing when planted with all sorts of goodies for this year. Can't wait for Spring, still having so much rain here in UK which does not give the garden time to dry out so it's just mud and more mud at the moment. Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Well that can stop us in our tracks when the power goes out!
    Makes things inconvenient for sure.
    Happy the trees falling didn't cause injury or destruction.
    The wind was ferocious here for two days.
    Stick/limb debris all over.
    I love your energy . . . creativity too.
    I remind myself of this if fear thoughts enter me.
    FEAR . . false . evidence . appearing . real .
    You Tube has "how to do" on everything!

  3. I was wondering what happened to you yesterday! I so enjoy starting my day with your adventures. Thankful no one was hurt.

    That cake looks moist and yummy!

    We may get snow this weekend as well. Thought that was gone for the season. So much for house hunting on Sunday!
    Stay toasty!

  4. We've got several trees down in the yard. Been waiting for better weather to get the tractor up to get them cleaned up.

    We are storming all weekend. Glad we won't get snow.

    Happy weekend.

  5. Glad no one was around when that tree fell..Love that pattern..Your cake looks like one they sell at Starbucks..Had it years ago and yes, it's yummy..Cute Bunny..

  6. oooh I'm gonna go see if I have the ingredients here for that lemon loaf... it's snowing here today- we're right behind you in that weather pattern.

    I would never have thought to look to YouTube for knitting tutorials until you mentioned it... wow, great resource!


  7. i am amazed that we never lost power! i bet you are getting snow right now! i love your new knitting project!

  8. Missed you yesterday - always love to start the day with your lovely posts! Oh that lemon cake! Love the bluebird and bunny too.

  9. That cake looks wonderful. I actually taught myself to tat via you tube! Now that's and old skill. I can do it but not a hundredth as fast as my grandma could.


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