Wednesday, February 22, 2017


There are two times in every day that I feel an immense sense of satisfaction.
The first one occurs quite early...
while feeding and watering all of the precious souls who count on me.

The second is right after everyone is fed for the last time in the evening,
and tucked in for the night.
I always have such a sense of peace as I return home
knowing that everyone is happy and healthy.

It's a little like it was when my kids were kids.

You know how it feels...
when they were little...
after baths were given and stories read...
tucked safely into bed...
the kitchen cleaned up from dinner and the toys picked up from the day...
that sense of satisfaction that you feel as your head hits the pillow...
right before becoming comatose.

And then as teenagers...
when they are finally home for the night and tucked safe and sound in their beds...
and you know that everyone made it safely through another day.

That sort of satisfaction (and sometimes exhaustion)!

The photos for this post were from yesterday's sunrise.
When I reached the barn, the sky looked like this...
just a few embers glowing on the horizon.

I was glad I had my camera, because it very quickly progressed...

and just as quickly was gone.

It was enjoyed with a long sigh of satisfaction.
It truly is the simple things that make us happy.
Don't you agree?

It is amazing to me how anyone who witnesses a sunrise like this could be grouchy.
And yet... there's Ollie.
Yes, my precious "Little" must have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed yesterday.
He tried to kick the farrier.

Thank heavens my farrier is a gentle, patient man!
Needless to say, Ollie is the only one out of the seven who did not get a treat.

And will somebody please tell my why there is a turkey in my greenhouse?

That's the way, Ethel...
stick with Tom... he'll keep you out of trouble!


  1. I'm glad you had your camera too!!! I also know that same exact feeling you are talking about.

  2. Stunning photo's (as usual). Like you say, it really is the little things in life that are amazing. I have learnt as I have got older to 'be in the moment' and appreciate more (wish I had this philosophy when I was younger, but you don't when you are young, you just get on with life). I love those turkeys, isn't Ethel beautiful?!!).

  3. You get beauty as a bonus for all your chores taking care of your animals!

  4. Beautiful pictures. Love the pinks.

    Ollie, you bad boy. lol...your farrier needs one of those short rolling mechanic stools so he does not have to squat so much.

    Maybe Ethel was looking for a place to nest, it is getting close to Spring.

  5. Ethel has a lovely hay nest in her house....she visits there late morning and lays her egg and then it's off with the boys again. She's such an irresponsible mother!

  6. gorgeous photos! it still makes me happy when i know my kids are safe in their homes. more summer weather here...blah!

  7. Gorgeous sunrise!!!


  8. beautiful pics! And oh how I loved those days when the kids were still home and yes, when the day was done and all was well and safe and right with our little world. I'm not thrilled with the empty nest deal, but my kids are safe and happy in their own lives just down the road from here, where we see them often. So, I'm still blessed.

  9. Pretty skies!! I feel that way when my head hits the pillow at night..Made it through another day..

  10. Beverly, You are a great photographer. The images you capture of sunrise and sunsets are always breathtaking.


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