Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Nabisco....Please Send Ritz Crackers!

Each and every time the pigs hear one of us in the vicinity,
they run to this corner of their yard.

It's become their favorite place...
and where you can find them just about any time... rain or shine.


I installed this metal mailbox on top of the fence post
and keep it filled with Ritz crackers at all times.
(Nabisco loves us... and they don't even know it!)

"Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night
keeps these porcine princesses from their appointed snacks!"

Ginger and MaryAnn love their snacks....
more so than any other animal on the farm.
Pigs, you see, lack the ability to ever feel satiated.
They are, in essence, always hungry.
Luckily these two are herbivores and are content to munch on grass and hay.
But snacks....
oh those wonderful Ritz crackers....
are oh, so yummy!!
(And no "no-frills" imitation will satisfy these girls!)

Just see.....


  1. Absolutely wonderful!!!! Bless them all.

  2. I love watching you feed Ginger and Maryann Ritz! As a matter of fact I like watching everyone get a treat. I literally smile while watching.

  3. How funny is that! I love that they love Ritz. They are my kinda pigs---pigging out on Ritz. Have a wonderful day- xo Diana

  4. I didn't know that pigs always feel hungry. That explains a lot.

  5. hurry Momma, you are not shoveling fast enough!

    That is way too cute!!!

  6. its so much fun to watch you feed the gang and listen to their sounds you have a great day

  7. OMG I love Ginger and Maryanne so much. They are more polite than my pugs!

  8. you really need to be a ritz cracker advertisement!


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