Friday, January 6, 2017

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

There's no doubt, our horses are a tight-knit family.

And the tightest of them all are these two...

and Ollie...

Or, "Red-n-ollie" as I call them.

Call one, and most likely he will ignore you.

Call both, and they both come scampering over to see what you want...
hoping for a treat!

They are the Yin and Yang of little horses...
as different as they are alike.

Ollie is my grump.
At least that is what he wants me to think...
pinning his ears back whenever I give a little affection.
However, if I sit down in the dry lot and ignore him,
he's all over me.
You see?  Totally a faker grump!

Red, on the other hand, is sweet and agreeable all. of. the. time!!!
He's my little love-bug.
Whenever I bend down to kiss him, he holds very still as I cover his entire muzzle
with kisses.

I love these two and their differences.
And although I love all of my horses and ponies,
my "littles" have a big chunk of my heart.

These two are also my little tricksters.
Their latest trick was this....

a single turd deposited neatly on the fence.

For some reason they both like to back their butts up to the fence when dropping manure.
Apparently there has been a reason for this.
All along they have been trying to do this trick,
and finally one of them succeeded.

There was a lot of raucous celebration in the dry lot after this was accomplished...
very much like the touch-down dances we used to see before the NFL declared them
"excessive celebration."

They were pretty tight-lipped about who actually "scored"...
preferring to share the accolades and the celebration.
You see?  Tricksters!

2017 is Red's year.
I have resolved to work hard with him on his driving skills this year.
I admit, I slacked off last year with his lessons.
This year I resolve to turn him into my little dream horse.
It actually shouldn't take much work... he's already half way there.

As for the rooster update...
I had to separate these two fellows yesterday.
The fighting continued and got extremely ugly.
Now one is living in the extra stall in the barn...

too embarrassed to turn around and show you his wretched self...

and the other remains in the turkey house. 

To be continued (I am sure.)


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  2. My two minis, Coady and Lacey, have the same personalities! Coady is my lovebug and Lacey is like a cat, very indifferent, unless you have something that interests her - like peppermints. Interestingly, Coady is my redhead, perhaps they have more loving dispositions?

  3. You'll have to call Red 'n Ollie "the turdsters" now.

  4. i'm praying that ben will be this accurate on sunday.

  5. Fun post..entertaining and well written..darn roosters anyway..Have a fun weekend..

  6. Love, love, love those littles! I just knew they were talented and pooping on a fence has to be the utmost in talent. Give them rubs and kisses from me.

  7. I guess that's what the little's do when bored lol ! Takes talent to do that lol ! Yup rosters can be nasty to each other hope they learn to get a long soon . Lovely photos yes even the poop ones lol ! Never a dull moment on the farm . Thanks for sharing , have a good weekend !

  8. Happy new year Beverly!
    I have been away much too long.
    You just crack me up. I love reading your posts. I am sure they all keep your days full of joy and laughter.


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