Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Beauty of Calm

The rooster situation has calmed down for the time being.

Separation has prevented any further disagreements.
Wounds are healing... although with scabs all over their combs and wattles,
these two handsome roosters are looking pretty wretched.

One Roo is living with Lucile in the spare barn stall.
They seem to be getting along just fine...
spending the cold nights together beneath their heat lamp.

Lucille has adopted an open bag of shavings as her nest.
She's on strike, however, and has produced no eggs in weeks.
(Probably in protest of the current roommate situation!)

After "fixing" rooster situations, it's always nice to spend a little time
in one area of the farm where there is never any drama!

I can always count on a visit with Gracie and the girls to be peaceful
and calm.

Sheep are just about the easiest animals to deal with.
Their needs are few... shelter from severe weather, grass (or hay),
a protein/mineral block, and plenty of fresh water.

Given these....and sheep are perfectly content.

The girls have an extra treat to nibble on these days...
one of the Christmas trees.

This is the first year we have given the sheep a tree...
usually the goats consume all of the trees.
I have noticed, though, that given the choice of grazing on grass or 
eating shrubbery.... the sheep always choose shrubbery, or brambles, or low-lying branches.
So, when it came time to divvy out the trees... we thought, "why not!"

I must admit, however, these girls are a little picky with their hay...
and comb through their offerings picking out just the right pieces and leaving the rest behind.

Luckily, what the sheep won't eat, the horses will.
When it comes to hay... our horses are not picky at all.

I took this picture of the dry lot yesterday afternoon.
You'll notice it is still covered in snow and ice.
The temperature in the city reached 48 yesterday...
however here in the hills of the countryside it didn't warm up that much.

Today it is to be almost 60 degrees in the city.
It will be interesting to see how warm it gets here.


  1. I grew up with a big garden; and sheep, chickens and barn cats were my companions. Your stories are so soothing. I love your blog every day.

  2. I find our goats are picky with hay, but the Alpacas are happy to eat it, but only when the weather pushes them indoors.

  3. Love the photo of Lucille on her 'nest' and am glad you have sorted out the Roo problem. Still cold and very damp here in UK - hope you have a warmer afternoon. Still looking forward, very much, to Spring!

  4. it's in the 60's here this morning and unbelievably windy. no winter here this year. i had no idea sheep would eat pine trees. they must have nice breathe!

  5. Rooster war is heck. Glad things have calmed down about them. Too bad they can't neuter them :)

  6. The Roos do look pretty sad..I'll bet it is muddy up there today..We did get in to the 60's today..More rain tonight and light snow here on Sat freezing temps again then back to the 50's next week.....Always interesting..I hope the girls enjoy their tree..

  7. Lovely photos . Ya our sheep used to only eat the good bits of hay but we never gave them Christmas trees to munch on back in the day most farmers didn't , so much has changed since my farm days . Glad the Roos are behaving for now . We have had warm temps wind and lots of rain no snow or ice is left now . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  8. If these warmer temps continue you may see spring quite early!
    That Roo looks quite battered.
    I like the picky sheep, brought a smile from me.


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