Tuesday, January 10, 2017

January Days

This week's bitter cold weather should be ending by tomorrow,
but not before it messes with us just a little....
as in wintery mix of ice and snow and rain this evening.

This is Farm Show week in central Pennsylvania.
The annual Pennsylvania Farm Show occurs yearly in the second week of January
and for some reason this week is historically one of the coldest of the year.

This year is keeping with tradition.

I am often asked if I plan on attending the Farm Show...
to which I always reply "No.... we live the farm show every day!"

It's fun to see all of the farm animals, but the crowds are incredible.

I love staying home during the bitter cold of January.

The cold makes for great bird-watching,

as so many of our feathered friends spend their days flitting on and off our many bird feeders.

Several trips out to check on the animals throughout the day

give me the opportunity really experience winter....
filling my lungs with fresh cold air.

Farm chores keep me active enough to stay toasty warm.

Have I told you this before?
I love winter!

I know... it's kind of weird.

If I had to choose between moving to Florida or Alaska...
I'm afraid I'd be packing my winter gear and heading to Alaska!

I'll never be a snow bird...heading to warmer climes for the winter.

No, I am perfectly happy with Central Pennsylvania and its' wacky weather.
I love how the seasons change here.
Truth be told, I'd be a little happier if summer weren't quite so hot and humid.
But, alas....you can't have everything, right?

Winter gives me the opportunity to sew and knit.
On the needles right now are this scarf...

and this shawl.

And lastly... a chicken update:
The roos are all doing fine...separation is the key to harmony.
The wooden eggs?  This definitely solved our cannibalized egg dilemma.
I have read that ceramic eggs work also.
Ethel has continued to gift us with one turkey egg daily.
Thanks, Ethel!!


  1. So glad the Roos are OK - separation certainly must be the key for those boys (they definitely landed on their toes when you gave them a home!!). Your weather always amazes me with it being SO cold in winter and extremely hot, hot, hot in the summer (you certainly go through the extremes living where you do). Seasons are lovely though and personally I can't wait until Spring and when thoughts turn to the garden and all the lovely new growth (getting tired of the wet and muddy UK weather now). Enjoy your winter days with the knowledge that Spring will be around the corner.

  2. Alaska for sure!!
    Love seeing your wild bird feeders. I have pretty much the same birds as you even the cardinals. Wish you would show your feeders more often.
    And probably by now you know how much I enjoy seeing you knitting projects.

  3. i'm with you! i LOVE winter and the 4 seasons. i hate that summer now lasts for 7 months though. i could use a cooler than normal summer but i don't know that it will ever happen again.freezing rain here today.

  4. I'm right with you on the Florida/Alaska choice! I'd much rather deal with the cold than the heat! Glad to hear those nasty boys have settled down and I foresee baby turkeys in your future!

  5. I can't tell you how happy I am to be experiencing a true winter in over 40 years. I think I'm going to adore living with 4 seasons.

  6. I think it should be decreed somewhere that the four seasons each last exactly 4 months, so that everything is fair and even steven. Who's in charge of writing those rules?

  7. I love cold clear days. The key is clear blue skies! I must admit I'm getting a little tired of gray. We are still dealing with freezing rain. So I stay home and "should" be getting lots of project done. So glad the wooden egg is doing the trick. I will be purchasing a couple when I visit our farm store. White plastic ones didn't work. Glad there is peace with the Roos. To bad they came with little girls attached or down the road they would go! Enjoy your day!

  8. Do you still have your cameras out in the woods? Haven't seen any pictures or comments lately.

  9. I feel the same way you do about the seasons..Love the change altho we don't have enough Spring or Fall..Winter is good if i's not windy..Summer gets too hot sometimes..Good girl Ethel..Does she have a particular place? Will she nest there in the future or go off somewhere? Nice birdie photos..The Ducks look happy..Happy knitting..

  10. Loved your Farm Show . . .
    I am with you girl . . .
    Love WINTER . . .


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