Thursday, January 19, 2017

Canine Comradery

It was another foggy and dreary morning...

as I did morning chores yesterday.
(It remained that way most of the day.)

Dr. Becky was out with Buddy and Daisy.
Our dogs had not had a chance to play with each other for a while,
so we stopped and just let them run and wrestle.

It's hard to get a good photo of Daisy right now as she is quite active...
especially with all of the other dogs around.

But then, it's next to impossible to get a photo of five playing dogs...
especially on a foggy morning!
I might have gotten better photos of the five of them if I had had my 35mm camera...
but I hate taking that one out on dreary days.

Daisy is almost Annie's size.  Her body is as big as Annie's, but her legs are shorter.

Dr. Becky has done a lot of training with her and she knows many commands...
but it's so hard to concentrate when there's so much fun around!

I think the other dogs were ready to do her tricks for her...
just to get the treats!


  1. Daisy has really grown. She looks so happy (with a smile on her face) in the photo where she is running and playing with the other dogs. Isn't it lovely how they all get on so well. I love it when animals get along together. We have just taken in a stray cat (2 weeks ago) and we are in the process of getting him used to living with our 2 house cats (and them getting used to him). I am keeping my fingers crossed that everyone will get along, eventually - It's a nerve wracking time!!

  2. I'll bet seeing the pooches playing together took some of the dreariness of the day away. They are so sweet. Dogs are such wonderful teachers. They live in the moment and know how to have fun!

  3. Aussie's are so intelligent. I miss my mixed mutt. She was Border Collie and Australian Shepard.

    Soooooooo smart.

    Love your pictures. Daisy reminds me of my Country so much.

    Take care, storming here in MS today. 100% chance of rain all day.

  4. Daisy is sooooooo cute.

  5. She sure had their attention..Dr Becky works very hard training her animals..It pays off...I just do the very basics..enough that we can live with each other..Looks like there is a little sun out there today!! Enjoy.

  6. They live a wonderful life, there on your farm.

  7. those treats sure got everyone's attention!

  8. They are all so beautiful. It is foggy rainy and gloomy here to I think the sun has forgotten about us . Our Miggs gets so mucky out there as she is a shaggy dog time for a good bath and grooming session soon lol ! Thanks for sharing cute photos . Have a good day !


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