Monday, January 9, 2017

Call Me Big Mouth

It's crazy cold here... for now.
These last few years, however, winter, has been a bit bi-polar...
and this week will prove my point.
It is to jump from our present 15 degrees up to about 50 degrees by the end of the week!

We spent a wonderful winter weekend with guests... our friends and their dogs
came for the weekend.

The highlight of the 5 dogs' weekend were several walks that we took in the woods.

We hiked while the dogs ran and played.

You might remember these dogs, Lola and Roxy.
They belong to our friends that we visit at the Chesapeake.
Their dad refers to them as the "Branch Manager" and the "Assistant Branch Manager."

They had a great time here at Camp Big Stick!!

We warmed up with a fire in the fireplace, hot soup, and hysterical games.

The biggest laugh of the weekend was playing this game:

Here's a sample....

I laughed harder playing this game than I have in years.
I hope you get a chuckle from the video.

We also had the opportunity to take in this movie:

Delightful.  A musical.  Sweet story and well done.
I loved it!

Our walks took us past Dr. Becky's barn and we had the chance to say hi to Sid...

and Shirley.

It always amazes me how horses just don't seem to mind the cold.
And, believe's brrrrrrrr cold right now!


  1. That's the second time I have seen someone recommend that game. I can't watch the video at the moment but I will be coming back to that :) What lovely photos of the dogs. You can't beat a walk in the brisk cold. Sets you up for the day.

  2. Good morning Bev!!!!! Just had to share , got that game for my grandson for Christmas, we all had so much fun, laughed till I couldn't laugh anymore!!!!!! Last year I got him Pie in Your Face, I think he had more fun with that, just because what kid doesn't want to see an adult get pie in your face!!!! Fun times though, loved your video!!!! Happy New Year!!!!

  3. I have seen a few recommend that game, it looks like you all had fun, loved the video

  4. We are one degree right now and like you; supposed to be in the 50's later this week in New England.

    Stay warm, Janie

  5. OMG, That was hysterical!!! Really nice teeth by the way,lol.What a great weekend! Thanks for the movie reveiw.I was wondering about that and and I'm glad to hear it was good :}. Have a great day!

  6. Laugh out loud funny. Wet your pants funny! That movie got a lot of attention at the Grammys. Glad you had a fun weekend. Enjoy your week. Warmer temps are going to bring rain with them😘

  7. Friends of ours tried to buy that game to bring over for New Years Eve but it was all sold out. Hilarious!

  8. We know all about bi-polar weather. rain, sleet and snow flurries since Friday. Temps in the 20's. Everything is melting off and we will be in the 70's tomorrow.

    Mississippi weather, ya gotta love it.

  9. soooo funny! it sure is freezing cold here too but who cares? we won the game!!!!

  10. I think we need to try the game . . .
    I am in a "giggle fit" every time I watch a clip of someone playing the game!
    we loved la la land too . . . refreshing . . .
    Nothing like a crisp winter walk/hike in the woods . . .


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