Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A New Year's Surprise

We were given a wonderful surprise this new year...
two beautiful turkey eggs...

compliments of Ethel.
Isn't that a lovely egg??

Way to go Ethel!!!

Her first egg was laid out in the yard in front of her house.
Seeing that, Hubbs decided to make her a nest inside her house.

Apparently she liked the idea of a hay nest,
because the very next day I found another egg buried in the hay.

We have decided to remove the eggs for now...
after all, it's rather cold to be raising up a brood of turkey babes at this time of year.

If she is still laying when Spring arrives, we just may let her hatch out her babies.

Yesterday morning we had a turkey egg omelet for breakfast.
Turkey eggs taste like chicken eggs...but have a much tougher shell.

Ethel is not the only one working hard these days.
After a bit of a hiatus, our hens have begun laying again.
Production is not as high as it once had been...but there are more eggs now than 
we can use.
We'll be gifting family and friends with eggs whenever possible.

We have had a bit of a problem lately with the hens cannibalizing several eggs daily.

Yesterday, after cleaning out the henhouses and placing new bedding in all of the laying boxes,
I also placed several wooden eggs in the boxes to discourage
our mother cluckers from pecking at fresh eggs.

We'll see if that works.
More on that, later.


  1. I love your henhouse - mine is a bit smaller, purchased and delivered from a neighboring state, and I'd love to expand my clutch of 13 chickens but I dont' have the room. Trying to convince the Mr. to build a bigger hen house.

    Only a few times over the years have a few eggs been pecked, I'm not sure what triggers it. Gladly the behavior didn't become chronic.

  2. this is so exciting! i love turkey eggs.

  3. Good job Ethel.. I hope she is still laying in the spring. It would be fun to have a lot of little Turkens running around. Their eggs are beautiful. Try not to get too wet today. I already have.

  4. Always an exciting tale to tell at Bee Haven . . .
    Looking forward to hearing how that wooden egg thingy worked!

  5. Oh how wonderful . Hope you get turkey babies in the spring and the hens get the hint with the wooden eggs lol ! Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  6. Such a pretty egg. Are turkey eggs bigger than chicken eggs?


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