Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A Little Mud On The Tires

....and absolutely everywhere else!

We are inundated with mud.

It's up to our ankles.
Luckily, everyone has somewhere to go to escape the mud.

The donkeys house is high and dry,
and these girls appreciate that.
Mud is not their thing.
They avoid ever getting wet or dirty or windblown or.....
weather-worn in any way.

The horses?  Now that's a whole different thing.
I swear they don't even notice the mud.
They don't mind walking through it...
and don't even mind lying down in it for a nap.

Hence, the mud all over their fur...

Chickens will walk thru it if necessary,
but always prefer to remain on dry land.

The pigs?  Well, they'll venture out if they know there is a treat awaiting them...

otherwise, a warm stall full of hay...
with room service three times daily
is more their style.

Me?  I thank my lucky stars that I have a pair of muck boots.

This is definitely the muckiest winter ever!

The good news is...
the old log cabin is once again a springhouse...

with its bounty draining through a pipe running under the driveway 
and into the pond.

The pond is the fullest it's been all year...

which makes our last three remaining domestic ducks quite happy.

There are also several wild mallards that call the pond home.
They've got a good thing here...
fresh food daily and a lovely green pond.

Did you know that the color of the year is GREEN??
It's good to know the pond is so stylish!

I did a little more sewing yesterday...
two more woolen pouches for keeping knitting needles safely tucked away.

I am taking a day off from blogging tomorrow.
Hubbs surprised me with a day trip to NYC.
We are leaving early this morning for a train ride to the Big Apple and 
seeing the play "Front Page" this afternoon.
I hope to fit in a quick trip to the fabric district as well.
Don't worry...the farm will be well cared for.
Even the pups have a house-sitter for the day.
I'll be back here on the blog Friday morning.


  1. Now, that's too much mud! I can only imagine how happy the ducks are. I love your felted projects. I knit and felt mittens. Have fun on your day trip...can't wait to hear all about it.

  2. Who knew that pigs don't actually like mud (maybe it's only winter mud)? Love the new pouch! Have a fabulous day in NYC.

  3. What a great idea for the knitting needles!
    Here's hoping you have a wonderful adventure in the big city!

  4. Good News . . .
    NYC will probably be "mud free."
    Enjoy your trip to the city . . . and "Front Page!"

  5. Your Pond looks lovely - it is a lovely shade of green. I think everyone has been hit by the mud so far this winter - we certainly have in the UK. It's wellies on at the back door before venturing into the garden and churning all the grass up. Have a wonderful time in NYC - that sounds like a marvellous treat!!

  6. Have a great day in NYC!

  7. I'm with the donkeys..We were walking thru a few rivers for awhile..We've had an inch and a half of rain the past two days...Love your little pouches..Very cute and useful as well..THe pond looks great..Green because of the warm temps?? You need some Quackers..Have a great time in NYC..such fun..dress's always cold there..I'll be anxious to hear about your day..xxoo

  8. Thank God for muck boots! The rain was crazy this past week!


  9. Bev,
    Even with all that mud, the place looks so beautiful, and the animals are happy as always.
    Have a great time in NYC!

  10. Mud Mud Mud... everywhere... here too! we are in between rainstorms...and the sun is actually out (off and on)... took the pup for a walk today...

    Sewwwww.... you have been having some sewing fun... ditto that,, I have been making some mini sized aprons for a swap...
    luv your felt deco needle keepers...

    hugz from me and the katz & pup


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