Friday, December 30, 2016

The Rooster Rules

Todays title suggests two different things...
depending upon whether you view "rules" as a noun or a verb.
As a verb...
well, that would be a true statement.
Around here the rooster does rule!

However, todays blog has "rules" as a noun...
in that there are a set of rules when dealing with roosters.

And the rules are:

1.  Don't crow around the roosters.
2.  Don't run around the roosters.
3.  Don't wear red around the roosters.

Any one of the above can elicit a flogging.

Let out a crow, and you will see said roosters perk their heads up
and puff their chests up with a fire in their eyes that will make you tremble.

And surely if you run past the roosters you will find yourself 
being followed by a rooster in hot pursuit!

If you wear red you had better watch your back...
red is the color of aggression and is seen by a rooster as a challenge to his manhood...
and that's a challenge that he's all too ready to take!

Hubbs forgot "the rules" yesterday and went to gather eggs wearing his red windbreaker.
Needless to say, he got a bit of a surprise...
and a not-so-pleasant flogging from this fellow.

(I think we may need to purchase a windbreaker of a different color.)

On the bright side, the chickens have begun laying eggs again...
and surprisingly, this house that had stopped laying completely
(I assumed they were all just getting too old)
has begun producing a half dozen daily.

This old gal, however, is over seven years old and is in retirement.
She's the oldest of the flock and the only one of my top-hat chickens that remains.
And...even though she has turned grey on top and her head feathers are a little sparse...
 she's my favorite!

Yesterday I spent a little time working on some new Christmas napkins.
Our family has grown so much that I don't have enough napkins anymore.

After I finish these, I will have plenty for next year.

This is a simple pattern that uses coordinating half circles,
sewn together and then folded to resemble a Christmas tree.
If you would like a copy of the pattern, email me...
I will gladly send you one.

PS:  I am spending today and tomorrow with my favorite little man.
Tyler's coming to spend a couple days on the farm.
What fun we will have!


  1. One of the roos we use to have would attack me. After me chasing him with a stick several times and giving him a chicken whoopin', he decided want to spur me any more.

    My hubby would walk by them (we ended up with 4) and say dumplings. I always told him they would taste bad. He knew we were not going to eat them.

    Happy New Year!

  2. It's a good thing that Hubs had boots on..Darn Roosters anyway..Love your napkins..very cute..Have fun with Ty..I'm sure he will keep you entertained..Happy New Year

  3. I have a rooster with a big ego but I crow right back at him. When he gets too big for his britches I snatch him up and hold him on his back like a baby and explain to him that I'm a much bigger rooster than he is. He threatens my husband when he occasionally goes in the yard but never me.

  4. Have great fun with the little one, Bev. Sorry those roosters are so feisty! Love your chickens, especially the ones with the little hats on! Happy New Year to you and yours! May God's Blessings abound!

  5. Those white roosters are so beautiful! So funny that hubby got flogged by one - I'm sure he was very surprised.

    I have a very old top hat hen that is mostly blind. I have to carry her out of and into the barn every day (when the sun is shining). She's so sweet and quite pitiful.

    Happy New Year to you all! I really love visiting you through your blog.

  6. Happy New Year to you, Bev, and to all other members of the Bee Haven Acres family! I wish you good health, much joy, and as much happiness as your hearts can hold!


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