Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Scenes From A Snowy Afternoon

Just as I headed out for afternoon chores yesterday it began to snow.
How is it that snow makes any scene magical?

There is nothing more beautiful than fresh fallen snow on the trees!

In no time the front pasture (where the dogs and I were out cleaning) was covered by 
an inch of snow.

Some prefer to watch from indoors.

Daphne and Chloe are fair-weather-donkeys.

Looks like these gals will be getting room service this evening!

The lane through the orchard....
the fence on the left is the sheep yard.

The horses love to stand out in the snow.
Their fur coat is so thick and insulating that the snow doesn't even melt on their backs.

The driveway from the pasture to the house....

Most of the chickens have sought shelter.

I noticed that the turkeys were no where to be found.
Usually they hang out in this area...
between the chicken yards and the goat yards.

Thinking perhaps they had sought shelter in the goats' run-in-shed, I looked there....
but no turkeys to be found.

Amazingly, for the first time since Fred and Ethel came to live on the farm,
the turkeys found their way home....
all by themselves!

It's nice to know they remember where their home is!


  1. Beautiful, there's no place like home!!

    Happy Holidays, Janie

  2. sooooo beautiful! i want more! perfect timing for your celebration!

  3. Beautiful..First snow of the season..We didn't get any yet...Maybe this weekend...Lovely pictures..Smart Turkeys..I guess they just needed to feel like they needed shelter..No dumb birds there!!

  4. I bet you could hear a pin drop! Lovely!
    And Momma! It's cold outside!Hahaa...too cute!

  5. Absolutely beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful fur family and your beautiful property!

  6. Love a fresh snowfall . . .
    Wonderful,photos . . .

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