Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Misty Morning And Future Projects

Horses in the mist....

Yesterday morning was foggy...
the result of a warm front pushing through.

The horses were almost lost in the pasture fog.
Their time out to play was reward for good behavior during hoof trimming.

After several soggy days these seven were as filthy as could be...
a little embarrassing when the farrier arrived.

They looked as though no one loves them.
To clean them up, though, would have been wasted as the ground is quite soggy right now.

By afternoon the sun was out and warmth had spread across the farm.
A 52-degree day is not to be wasted.
There is so much to be done around the farm...
and a warm day is perfect for whittling away at the long list.

Sam's list must be quite he felt no pressure to do anything but bask in the sun!

We worked cleaning up the garden.
What looks like burial mounds are actually the remains of the elevated gardens...
without the boxes.

We are systematically removing all of the boxes in preparation for a garden make-over.

After-Christmas shopping at my favorite local gift shop yielded
lots of do-it-youself ideas.
I found this (on left) reindeer head and decided that rather than buy up a bunch of them
(even though they were quite inexpensive)
I would buy one and use it as a pattern for cutting out my own.

Of course I had to fire up the scroll saw when I got home.
I cut another one out of scrap lumber just to make sure that I could.
Looks like I have another project to work on over the winter time.
Perhaps to match my mantle decor I will paint mine white and glitter them.
Oh, so many ideas!

(And a few more that I will share in the days to come.)
After all, it is never too early to start getting ready for next Christmas!


  1. Oooooh, a garden makeover! Looking forward to seeing that!

    What a clever gal you are to make your own template. Love that thriftiness!
    Happy New Year, Beverly. May 2017 be filled with love, light and laughter.

  2. Sam has the right idea..Love your foggy pictures..Cute reindeer


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