Monday, December 12, 2016

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow...

I have been wishing for snow...
not a huge snowstorm, but just a little snow.
There is nothing like a little snow around Christmastime.

It puts me right in the mood...
as if I needed any help with that!

Yesterday morning it was snowing as we did morning chores.
The snow continued for most of the day... 
flurries and snow showers as well.

All in all we ended up with about a half inch on the ground (in some spots)...

just enough to make me feel all nostalgic and Christmassy.
It was the perfect backdrop to cookie baking...

marshmallow making...

and the last of the decorating.

Everything is in place and ready for our big family Christmas celebration
that is scheduled for this Saturday.
We pick a day around the holidays that isn't on an actual holiday to celebrate
with our family.
It's easy to get everyone here if they have no scheduling conflicts (in-laws, etc.)

So Saturday Santa will arrive at the farm and we will laugh and play and feast
and open gifts.
It's a super fun day... so very special with four generations gathered together!

Needless to say, this coming week is the busiest of the year for me.
I'll be cooking and baking... and doing last minute preparations for Saturday.

And then I will simply coast the rest of the way through the holidays...
enjoying each and every moment.

And every moment of preparation will be supervised!

That is, unless there is something more interesting to watch!

PS... not everyone was thrilled about the snow falling.
The goats remained in their houses...

Of everyone, I suppose I was the happiest.

It was a wonderful day... made even better by a roaring fire, Christmas music, 
and fresh baked cookies!
Oh, and I am still awaiting the arrival of bow #2 for the mantle.

The icing on the cake?
A visit from my favorite little girl...


  1. Your home looks gorgeous, you have decorated it beautifully. Looks like you are in for a busy week, but I'm sure you will have a marvellous time. Kind regards.

  2. Have fun on Saturday! Everything looks gorgeous!

  3. Just a little snow is perfect! Your house looks great and I am sure your treats will be wonderful!!

  4. I love your decorating style and the snow is a perfect backdrop for the holidays. Enjoy your family celebrations this weekend. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  5. i was thrilled to get some snow too!!! this morning we have ice though which is never fun. your home looks gorgeous!

  6. More snow may be coming your way . . .
    Happy Family Christmas Day on Saturday . . .

  7. We only had a dusting which is enough for now..The house looks lovely..So festive !! Can't wait..thanks for all your preparatory efforts..They are appreciated..Enjoy your week..

  8. Oh, everything is very Christmasy around there!!
    It certainly feels like it from the photos!

  9. Enjoy your upcoming weekend! Nothing better then family around and a little snow! It is over the mountain pass for our family Christmas this weekend. So I'm hoping our snow holds off until next week! Enjoy!

  10. Oh Bev, I so miss the snow,, not 5' of it,,, but a soft dusting...
    It snowed 3 years ago, we got about 6" and that was it,,, nada since...
    I am keeping my fingers and eyes crossed that we might get some this year...
    If not,, can ya send me some of yours?
    hugz & squisches


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