Wednesday, December 7, 2016


If you have chickens,
then you know how these gals can sometimes have quite an attitude.

Every afternoon I pick up eggs from the henhouse.

And every afternoon one of the red hens gives me a piece of her mind.
It's always the red ones.
The Lucilles.

Never missing an opportunity to peck the heck out of me...
they lay there in the nesting boxes just waiting.
I swear if I didn't wear glasses...
one of these gals would have pecked an eye out by now!

I suppose I can't blame them.
After all, I am always plucking out their potential children.
And God knows, if someone did that to me I'd pluck out their eye as well!

I had mentioned last week that my fireplace mantle was a work in progress.
In keeping with the theme of the tree...

I had ordered buffalo plaid bows from Target.
One did not... bad luck.

So, there is one bow...

This past weekend when our out-of-town guests arrived,
they had a gift for me...

several of these adorable buffalo check jackets to hang on the tree.
The amazing thing is that they had no idea what my theme was...
they just thought the ornaments looked like something I would like!
I love them!!!


  1. "Buffalo plaid" -- that's a new term to me! I've only ever heard it called "lumberjack plaid" here in Canada.

  2. I can tell you I still have scars from collecting eggs when I was a kid. Somehow that seemed to end up being my job. Love the little plaid shirts. I always love plaid at Christmas. xo Diana

  3. I like your Buffalo Plaid theme . . .
    Nasty little Hens pecking at you . . .
    Keep those glasses on!

  4. I hear our hens when my husband collects eggs. They can be noisy! I love your mantle with the plaids. Very woodsy!

  5. i love buffalo plaid anything! i sent a little something to you today so keep your eye open for a delivery!

  6. Of all your animals, you seem to have the most trouble with cantankerous fowl !! I love your theme and the buffalo plaid looks great.

  7. I have a little hen, Fiona, more brown than red who literally screams at me. Mouth wide open in a shriek, makes me laugh every time.

  8. I LUV your tin banner..... and your woodsy themed tree....
    I sort of over dosed on snowmen deco this year... oh well...
    We are suppose to get some snow next week,,, we will see,,, if not,,,
    I will enjoy yours and my daughters via facebook! lol!
    Merry Christmas


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