Tuesday, November 8, 2016

My Favorite Time of Year

I am happy to say that my favorite time of year has arrived!
Are you thinking that I mean the holidays?
Of course I love the holidays and all of the wonderful family times that accompany them...
but I am actually just happy about the fact that Daylight Savings Time is OVER!!!

The sun now comes up an hour earlier, giving me an earlier start to the day.
Because I am an early morning person, this time of year gives me the gift 
of an additional hour of daylight every morning.

I am most productive when I first wake up and spend the daylight hours as the busiest of bees.
By the time supper arrives I am ready to burrow in for the evening.
So, this time of year is wonderful to me.

Couple the above with colder temperatures and I am as happy as a pig in slop!
(ok, well maybe not Ginger and MaryAnn...they are not fans of slop!)

Yesterday morning, as soon as the sky showed the slightest hint of a glow,
I hit the ground running.

"What are these?"
Morning chores were happily finished before 7 AM...
 and a whole lot of morning hours still remained!

"Mmmmmmm....chicken poop is yummy!"

I have been dedicating a little portion of each day to holiday preparation.
Yesterday morning I worked on ornaments.
One of my trees will have a "north woods" theme, so I made these...

and for another tree with a snowman theme, I made these...

After snapping these photos, I used a drill to add a hole for hanging each wooden piece.
The wooden slices can be cut from a tree or purchased at a craft store.
I printed out bear and moose silhouettes and cut them out to use as stencils.

I'd like to add that I am a huge fan of spray paint!
There is no better way to give something a facelift than with a can of spray paint.
I took this old child's chair (painted light blue) and gave it a makeover.

Now it's ready to use in a holiday display.

With colder weather just around the corner,
I made some homemade marshmallows to use in hot chocolate.

I tried a different recipe this time and the marshmallows seem to be denser and not as soggy
as last time.
I'll let you know how they turn out....and if they are good...

I will include the recipe.

Perfect!  Recipe Here.

A week or two ago I asked for your help with blog subject matter
and received a few questions with regards to how we see the future playing out.
Hubbs and I had both hoped that perhaps one day some of the kids might
build their homes on the "extra" land that we have next door to the farm.
This may or may not happen... and that's ok... after all, they have their own dreams to realize.

Regardless, we are here for the long haul...
i.e.: for as long as we can keep on keeping' on.... we are going to do just that!
(Perhaps just a bit more slowly some day.)

I honestly cannot imagine ever giving up the peace and contentment 
that life on the farm has given me.

No one ever has a clear vision of what their future holds...
that is why living today as if it is your last is so very important!

PS....longer evenings have given me the opportunity to work on knitting projects.
Here is the current project.... ( a hat).

Finished....last evening.


  1. I was thinking about you this weekend, remembering that your favorite day is the day the time changes back. I have to agree that I love this time of year because I also have more energy in the mornings. It's wonderful waking up to a dark, quiet house, knowing that we will be right there to greet the dawning of day.

    Your hat is lovely and I love the crafts you made out of the wooden rings. We always collect some at the place where we buy our Christmas tree. They are happy to give us all the branches and cuttings we want. Now I have some new ideas for ornaments. Thanks!

    Enjoy this beautiful day!

  2. I LOVE those pigs!! I think to myself these days "be in the moment". It really is true and I wished I'd have thought of that when I was younger. The thing is you don't think like that when you are younger (probably just too busy living life). Being in the moment makes you stop to appreciate things because in life everything can change suddenly so if you are in a good place it's nice to stop to enjoy it. If, however, things aren't so good, hold on and things will change yet again .... Life. Enjoy your autumn days. Kind regards, Louise.

  3. I love early mornings!! I'm always happy when you post what you are knitting on. And I hope you share how you incorporate your little red chair for your Christmas decorating. The wooden decorations are cute as can be!!

  4. We are more morning person too. Dawn breaking over the lake. 1st light when out junkin' for treasures. I don't know how people can lay in bed till lunch. I know some who do.

    Love seeing that cat on the piggy. I love the snowmen ornaments for your tree. Cute.

  5. I wish I were a morning person, but I seem to get my energy in the afternoon! I love your ornaments and that cute hat. I love to see what you are knitting. When I saw your finished Baable hat (I can't remember when you posted it) I had to make it. I love it! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Me too..I just love this time of year...I must say that Sunday seemed to last forever..Nice that you have a new helper..Daisy seems to be part of the family already...A cutie for sure..Your ornaments are adorable...Who makes their own marshmallows??? Spray paint is the best..I've bought several things and spray painted them to suit..Pretty hat..Let the knitting begin !! Have a great day..

  7. I love the wood slice ornaments!

  8. maybe hillary's first thing she does in office is repeal DLS!!! i hate it! that hat is wonderful!


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