Friday, November 4, 2016

Moments To Share

Every day on the farm is filled with special moments...
ones that make me smile or laugh.
It's these moments that I love to share with you.

Like...yesterday mid-afternoon when I called the pigs in from the pasture...

Then, later in the afternoon as I was cleaning manure from the horse lot.
The equines had all been out in the upper pasture for the morning.
Moonbeam returned to the barn with a huge case of "the slobbers."
Those of you with horses know what I am talking about.
For those of you who don't.... here you are:

The slobbers is caused by a fungus that grows on clover.
The fungus produces a toxin called slaframine that stimulates the salivary glands
and causes profuse slobbering.
This slobbering is basically just a nuisance and causes the horse no harm.
Moonbeam is the only one of my equines that ever salivates like this.


Then later in the afternoon we were all treated to a visit from Macy and Maggie
(and their friend Gianna.)

If you are new to the blog... Macy and Maggie have been farm friends since they were quite little.
They are the two adventurous gals who in the past have been known to feed the chickens
Ritz crackers from their own lips (fearless!)
These adorable girls raised our four white roosters from just-hatched chicks
and brought them to the farm to live when they were too big to comfortably live in their
neighborhood (before it was apparent that those four chickens were actually roosters!

By the way... I swear these fellows recognized their girls.
And although they were not in the mood to be picked up this time,
they came running when they saw them and stayed very close to the girls.

All of the animals enjoy visits from Macy and Maggie...
as all of the animals get big doses of hugs and treats from the girls!

These girls and their friends love the farm...
and we love their visits.
Everything on the farm is fun to these gals...
even the manure piles!

I wanted to show you my "haul" from Wednesday's adventure in the country.

I scored a huge bag of hedge apples... found alongside a country road.
(don't you just love free decorations?)
I saw these lying along the road and did a u-turn so that I could pick them up and bring them home!

In a few weeks I will be taking down the autumn decorations.
By that time these hedge apples will be soft and ready for the compost pile.
I have been planning my Christmas decorating.
Yesterday I spray-painted this old bucket to use in my Christmas decor.

I think it will hold a Christmas tree in my kitchen.
I love it!....such a simple way to add a little Farmhouse Christmas touch!


  1. Cantering pigs! They are so adorable, love how friendly they are obviously because you raised them with love.

    Love the bucket and the tree and sleigh idea you posted previously. Looking forward to your Christmas decor reveal (I hope!) ....

  2. Who would of thought pigs could move so fast!?!
    There's no doubt in my mind that the roo's remember the girls.
    I love the bucket!!! You are getting me all excited to start thinking about Christmas decorating. And please do show us more!

  3. Yes, I am getting excited to start my Christmas decorating!! Please show us more. lol

    Enjoy, Janie

  4. I know where there use to be one of those hedge apples. I haven't ever thought about using them for decorations. Neat idea.

    I LOVE the pigs video. Learned something new about the slobber. We don't have clover in our pasture, so that has never happened to one of our horses.

    Cute little girls. I imagine the memories they have from the farm visits are something they will always cherish.

    Happy weekend.

  5. My goodness, speedy piggies! I guess with their chubby bodies and short legs they wouldn't move that fast. I'm sure those roosters recognized the girls. It's crazy how excited my hens were when I return from my 3 week vacation. I think they missed me. Yikes, Christmas will be here soon! Love the bucket!

  6. Those pigs are pretty quick..Good exercise for them..Fun that the roosters recognized the girls..I remember those hedge the box that you have them in..Your bucket is great..Can't wait to see the finished project.Have a fun weekend..xxoo


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