Wednesday, November 9, 2016

It's Really Not My Fault!

I stand in front of you this morning...
hands in my pockets, shuffling my feet, eyes downcast.
Contritely, I confess to you that I have no blog post today.
I could say that the dog(s) ate my homework,
but that wouldn't be fair to my faithful canine friends.

No, I have no blog post today and I am blaming it on....

my little pink fairy!

I am afraid that I spent yesterday playing outside in the grass with this little one.
It was a glorious, warm day and we enjoyed every moment of it.

And since I found myself arriving back home at the farm after the sun had set...
I have no pictures of our animal friends to share with you.
(Thanks Jim for noticing that I had not made it home on's great to know
someone has my back!)

Please forgive her....

I'm afraid I am completely under her spell!
I'll be back tomorrow with lots of farm goodness.


  1. Totally understandable! She is quite the distraction. Glad you enjoyed some time together.

  2. The sweetest, most darling, cheerer-upperest "non-post" ever - you are so amazing, dear lady! Thank you very much for this wonderful "non-post" and my first smile (big) today!

  3. P.S. Love your fine sense of humor! ;-)

  4. Mackenzie, you are such a sweetie!! I can't believe how fast you are growing. Xoxo

  5. I think this blog post is extremely good!!! lol

    The little pink fairy is way tooooo cute!!

    Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the day, Janie

  6. thanks for giving me something to smile about today!

  7. That was a great " non post". Adorable pictures full of happiness. Xxooo

  8. Lots of fun with this cutie pie . Wonderful post for not having a post and photos to boot . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  9. hi have shared pink fairy moments...thank you...take care...saly

  10. That little pink fairy is a doll...and how fun to see her standing on her own....and is she walking now too? Love your pictures. She is such a sweetie. Thanks for thinking of us with your cute pictures!

  11. Little Miss Mackenzie is not only walking with great purpose, she is running as well!!! And...climbing everything she can!

  12. I love the tree on top of her adorable head,lol! Shes worth every second :}!


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