Thursday, October 20, 2016


There are these three fellows...

who amazingly have not strayed from the immediate area around the barn.
(And they are within earshot of the henhouses!)

I've concluded that although they act all tough and full of themselves, 
they are actually quite timid...
let's call them "chicken!"

(And yes, they are always completely clean and bright!)

And then there is this fellow...
who, rescued from the other three picking on him, has fallen into quite a great life.

He spends his days with his hens,
happily strutting his masculinity...
when he's not hanging out hunting for bugs on the manure pile!
Notice, that even with hanging out on the manure pile, he remains beautifully white!

It pays to be the underdog around here...
you often end up with the best life ever!

I finished another hat for Mackenzie...

It's great to be back knitting again.
I did work on a project over the summer...
a wrap...

Summer knitting tends to be slow and sporadic.
Now that days are shorter and cooler, it's time to get Christmas projects started!


  1. I always linger at the roos pics, the bright white and bright red together is just stunning!!! Handsome boys for sure!
    I'm always looking forward to seeing your knitting projects and it inspires me to to warm my needles up.

  2. those bad boys sure are pretty. are they behaving better these days? i really need to learn to knit better!

  3. Hunting for bugs on the manure pile -- who could ask for a better life?

  4. Can I come be an underdog on the farm?? I promise I will stay clean, but I will pass on the manure bug hunting! Enjoy your day!

  5. How HE stays white on top of the manure pile is a mystery . . .
    But he does it and looks quite mighty in the process!
    Love it when you post those "wwhites!"

  6. The roosters are very handsome but the hat and wrap are gorgeous. Knitting is on my Bucket List and hopefully this winter I will learn!!

  7. Yes those boosters are three fine fellows. They are amazing in white. Your cap and wrap ate beautiful. Enjoyed seeing what you are doing. Take care and have a great weekend.

  8. Those handsome, white Roos have no manners..timid?? Cute Mack hats!! Your wrap is lovely..almost looks woven.I had a fun day today..hope you did too!!


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