Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Pumpkin Bread and Chestnuts

We are experiencing a brief return to summer weather this week.
After a brief shower yesterday morning, the temperature soared to the low 80's
and will reach the same again today.

"And I thought summer was over!"
The rain shower gave me time to do a little baking...
seven loaves of pumpkin bread from the one long-neck pumpkin 
that I successfully grew this summer.

This recipe is great... I found it yesterday on a favorite blog.
It's delicious. (Especially with a little freshly whipped cream!)  You can find the recipe here.
Perfect with a cup of hot tea.

In addition to the usual farm chores, there were a few errands to run.
A trip to the mill for pine shavings, a trip to the feed store for chicken feed and scratch,
and also what I hope is the final mowing of the season...
filled the afternoon.

When the chores were finished, it was time to enjoy some donkey time.

As I have shown you so many times...
it is hard to take pictures of the donkeys when I am with them,
as they spend most of the time right on top of me.

I do little grooming tasks for them while they stand so close.
Like... clean the "eye boogers" from the corners of their eyes...

rub their ears...

scratch their butts...

and peel off their chestnuts...

Donkeys (unlike horses) only have chestnuts on their front legs.

Most horses have them on all four legs.
They are a calloused area that, if allowed,
will grow many layers and become quite thick and hard.

It seems they are a vestigial remnant of something...
perhaps a scent gland, or perhaps a vestigial wrist pad, or vestigial toe.
It's all a bit of an evolutionary mystery.

Regardless, I keep the donkey's peeled so that it never has a chance to grow thick and gnarly.

While I worked on Chloe, Daphne found a way to scratch an itch...
one of those itches that are impossible to reach (if you are a donkey)...

Judging from the closed eyes....she must have gotten the right spot!
Doesn't she have lovely eyes?


  1. The donkeys are gorgeous (so are all your other critters!!). What a lovely photo of the turkey - is it Ethel? So glad these guys (and girl) are getting along. What a lovely life you are giving them. Make the most of the warm weather while it lasts. Kind regards, Louise S, Cheshire UK

  2. How sweet you are to your family . . .
    Yes, nice eyes!

  3. Your donkeys are lucky to have such a thorough personal body servant!

  4. daphne is beautiful. teddy has eye boogies too!

  5. I know how Daphne feels..Not a fan of this weather either..Great picture..I doubt this will be your last mowing!!I can remember mowing at Thanksgiving..I guess they're not the kind of Chestnuts that can be found roasting by an open fire..;) Love that tea pot..where did you ever find it??The bread looks wonderful.Hope you are having a good day..xxoo

  6. In the book The Evolution of the horse or equine this chestnut was in fact a thumb like toe , fascinating stuff isn't it ?! . Lovely photos . I do like your pumpkin teapot never seen one like that . It has been very unusually warm and humid here to for the time of year . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  7. Love all your critters. Love the pic of Daphne scratching her head. LJ

  8. An American in TokyoOctober 19, 2016 at 8:09 PM

    How lovely!
    I've never met a donkey in person, but I loved sharing your Donkey Time with you!
    Thank you!! =)


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