Friday, October 14, 2016

Fall Decorating

Yesterday started out rainy...
so I used the opportunity to do a little Fall decorating.

I filled every available space with pumpkins...

put out a few favorite Halloween pieces...

and rearranged a wall in my kitchen.
"Mom's Baking Co." sign arrived in the mail,
so I rearranged to make things fit.

The sun came out around noon, 
so we headed out to bring the horses back from the upper pastures.

Playing ball was the dog's opportunity to blow off a little steam.

You might notice Sam... he grabs Oakley around the hips every time we play ball.
Sam is not interested in chasing balls...
he'd rather spend the time annoying Oakley!

When afternoon chores were finished,
I headed out to get some pumpkins.
There is a woman down the road who grows all types of squash yearly.
She has a wagon filled with pumpkins that are available by honor system.
I've heard that the proceeds will go towards her grandson's college tuition some day.

My pumpkin patch was cursed yet again...squash beetles.
I have come to the conclusion that growing pumpkins and squash organically
is impossible here... we are over-run with squash beetles!

I saw this wagon along the road while out and about...
Mums for sale.

I am so happy that finally my stovetop is installed and working.
To celebrate, I made a pot of stew... nothing better on a chilly fall day!'s quite obvious that my dogs cannot read!


  1. Wow, I have never seem such a display of pumpkins/Squashes. We do not have that choice in UK. I have bought 2 so far this year ... for the chickens. Cut them open and (once they get the hang of it) they eat the insides. The first pumpkin they ignored for 2 days and THEN decided they liked the insides ... that's chickens for you!! Have a great weekend ... enjoy the beautiful autumn weather. Kind regards, Louise S. Cheshire UK

  2. Love your kitchen signs and ceramic lamb. It certainly looks lovely there.

  3. I love your decorations, and would love to know the story behind the stuffed black cat in the gingham romper...he looks like he's been loved for many years.
    Look forward to seeing your blog every day, thanks-

  4. Sorry to hear about the squash beetles.

  5. We were over run with squash bugs this year too and I said to my husband we might have to consider some type of spray for them...

  6. Beautiful have the knack..Wonderful assortment of Gourds and punkies..Lucky you..Sorry about your crop..Oh Sammie..Have you no shame??..Glad you are cooking again!! HAve a great weekend..

  7. I love your kitchen. My pumpkin patch was a major fail but not from squash bugs. My peacocks devoured all the flowers and those that escaped their beaks and were developing into tiny pumpkins, were pecked at by the chickens. Drat! I had to purchase pumpkins from the market, I hate that.

  8. The squash bugs got my cucumbers and butternut but not til late in the season. They got my summer squash too but that thing was part kudzu I believe, they couldn't kill it! The frost last night took out most of the veggies so tomorrow I'll put a few chickens in the garden, they'll raise holy h--l with the squash bugs!

  9. An American in TokyoOctober 16, 2016 at 8:29 PM

    Wow, some of your photos look like postcards!
    Especially the mums in the cart!

    Love your new sign, too!


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