Monday, September 12, 2016

Wherever You Go...There You Are

It was a weekend with my favorite Littles...
this time the two legged ones, not four!

Soccer season is in full swing...
and although Tyler still has happy legs and runs circles around his teammates (literally)...

he has learned a little more about the game...

Like... the object of the game is to get the ball in the goal!
Although, "which" goal is often in question.

We kept Mackenzie this weekend while her mommy and daddy had a grown-up
weekend away.
We helped with chores and visited with pigs.

She loved the pigs and the pigs loved the extra attention.

She learned the fun of playing in dry, crunchy leaves...
and went home with leaves in every crack and crevice!

One thing that a 13-month-old will teach you is that it is never about the destination...

but rather, it is all about the journey.

Oh that we should all view the world with the curiosity of a child...

where every new discovery is savored without hurry...
living purely in the present moment...
no regrets of the past, no worries of the future.
Master this and you regain the joy of childhood.

PS:  Countdown to vacation = 4 days.
It might involve a little wine....salute!


  1. You're so right about living in the moment. It's really all we have. Sometimes hard to remember as a grown-up. Enjoy your day!

  2. Way to go Tyler!! It would be such fun to watch one of your games.
    Mackenzie, you are growing so fast!! My little "Sweet Pea" is five months old.....maybe when she gets bigger you could show her around the farm 😀.

  3. Bev, just finished a great book that I thought you would love! It's called "Esther the Wonder Pig" by Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter. WONDERFUL story of how these 2 men thought they were rescuing a "mini pig," and she ended up being a commercial pig - and how having her totally changed their lives. Great story. Although as I type this, I wonder with your busy life, if you have time to sit and read! :) Maybe bring this book on vacation! Karla from Coal City, IL

  4. Sweet privileged we are to be able to share time with them and see the world through such fresh eyes!

  5. That photo of Mackenzie and the cat is so adorable!

  6. Time with the "littles" two and four legged, can never be wrong . . .
    Hmmmm, wine and Salute' . . . sounds like Iraly to me!

  7. A difficult task to be sure...Mack and Bobby became best buds?? Enjoy this beautiful day..

  8. vacation? what is that? i'm finally coming up for air! i hope you are going somewhere good!

  9. An American in TokyoSeptember 12, 2016 at 9:03 PM

    Ooooo, oh, are you going to Europe/Italy?!?!

    Your little ones are so cute!!
    You are so lucky to have such a wonderful family!!


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