Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Tom In Tow

It's early morning.
The sun has just peeked above the horizon... a bit late for my taste.
I will be happy when Daylight Savings is over and we turn the clocks back.

We've returned to cooler weather.
The nights are downright chilly, and that suites me just fine.
I love sleeping under a pile of quilts...breathing cold, fresh, country air!
The horses are happier with the present weather as well,
and are once again spending their nights out in the pastures... the upper pastures.

Each morning we hike to the upper pastures 
to bring the horses back to the barn and their dry lot for the day.
It takes several trips back and forth until everyone is moved to where they belong.
I've wanted to share this part of the day with you for a while now.

The thing that I find fascinating about this process is how Tom,
our Bourbon Red turkey, follows along on each lap of the horse transfers.

He runs along behind Hubbs as he leads Moonbeam back to the barn.

I follow behind with Red and Ollie.

Once they are nestled into their stalls eating their chow,
we head back out to the pasture to get Donnie and Scarlet...
Tom once again in tow.

It takes us two trips to get everyone back to the barn.
If I am alone, it takes me four trips.

No matter the amount of trips, Tom is along for the run...
and run is just what he does.

He hangs around the barn until all of the work there is done.
Then, when we head up to care for the chickens and goats,
he follows us there...
running as fast as he can after the gator.

This old bird is such an integral part of our farm...
tagging along with every chore we do.
There will never be another turkey like this old guy.

Well, some of you have guessed correctly.
We are headed to Italy this Friday...for two weeks.
The blog will be idle for those two weeks.
When I get home, however, I will have much to share with you.
For those of you who follow us on Facebook or Instagram, (@beehavenacres)
I will be posting photos there while we are gone.

Don't worry, the dogs and critters and farm will be well tended by a small army of
family and friends!


  1. Tom is certainly getting in his 10,000 steps each day!

    Have a wonderful time in Italy. Have some pasta for me. Safe travels...

  2. You better lock Tom up before you head out 😀
    Have a wonderful vacation!

  3. Oh boy! Sounds like fun! I'm going to miss you. Hope you have a safe trip. :-)

  4. that's funny about Tom

    Have fun on your trip! Oh what am I saying, I know you'll have fun on your trip. Food pics too when you come back !!!

  5. Italy! So fabulous! Have a wonderful time!

  6. Good Ole Tom Turkey . . .
    Bet his little legs move fast and furious!
    Happy days in Italy . . .
    I hope you see the sites but even more, to get off the beaten track to drive through the hills and valleys.
    I liked visiting the villages and its people . . .
    The working farms and fields.
    A little village named Asciano was my favorite, near the villa we stayed in for a few weeks.
    Tuscany . . . and not far from Siena . . .
    Oh my . . . have a wonderful time away . . .
    Glorious country . . .

  7. this is just too funny about tom. i LOVE italy! have a fabulous time!

  8. Tom will just have to follow someone else for two weeks..I'm sure everyone will miss you..I know I will ..Have the bestest time...xxoo

  9. Tom in tow - what an unusual and sweet story!
    If I lived a few thousand miles closer, I'd apply for a job, i.e. *treat*, as a volunteer animal sitter!!

  10. Beverly,
    What a great one Tom is! To actually follow along.. That to me is really something.

    Italy? Oh what a marvelous time you will have.. On your way out, would you swing by and pick me up? haaahaaaa..
    A well deserved trip, that is for sure... Wishing you a fantastic vacation.


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