Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Best Moments of Yesterday

Summer is winding down.
Most of the kids are back at school.
And although the days are still quite hot,
the nights are whispering autumn secrets on their cool breezes.
Sunrises are once again pretty spectacular.

It always seems that autumn and winter sunrises are the best.
The sun hits the horizon like a fireball,

sending an orange glow across the Eastern countryside... burning through the wispy clouds of dawn.

Yesterday I was treated to a visit from my cousin and her husband.
They brought her daughter and grandchildren to the farm for a visit.
I was lucky enough to be considered a destination for part of their vacation.

As always, the pigs were ecstatic to have company...

and immediately began showing off in their pool...
with their special cannonballs and swan dives...
evoking laughter and squeals of delight from their young audience.

After lunch and an afternoon in the pool, they headed back home 
and I returned to the barnyard for afternoon chores.

I cleaned the front pasture as the pigs and sheep were out grazing.

What a pastoral scene this was... 

one of my favorites!
There is nothing that makes my heart happier than contented animals.
I was truly hoping that the sheep would clean up the bramble that grows through the fences.
But so far they are only interested in the grass.

Today we say goodbye to August.
See you in September!


  1. Well, if the sheep don't clear it out for you, there are always the goats!

  2. i don't know when i have ever been so read for fall!

  3. Your pictures are stunning and I'm so looking forward to fall. What a great visit for you and the kids.
    Have a great day!

  4. I remember heading east across the bridge at dawn back in the old days being absolutely mesmerized by autumn/winter sunrises..Truly spectacular..I miss seeing them..Too many trees...Wonderful pictures..


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