Thursday, August 11, 2016

Maybe He's Not As Lonely As We Had Thought....

It's next to impossible to pass the pig yard and not stop in for a visit.

We're in the midst of another heat wave,
so it's not unusual to pass by and see one of the girls lounging in the pool.

There's no better way for a pig to cool off than a dip in the pool.
Looking at Ginger's face I imagine her in a pink polka dot bikini,
flotation device around her middle,
 and a fruity drink with an umbrella in her little hoof!
This is one happy pig.

While Ginger cools off I sit down in some dry hay to watch. 
Immediately, MaryAnn lays alongside my leg.

Of course the obligatory belly-rubbing ensues.

Bobby crawls into my lap,
and dogs occupy the other side of me.

It's a hot afternoon love fest in the pig yard.

Of course it comes with a price....

I should know better than to wear nice pants into the pig yard....
this happens every time!

Update on Tom, Fred and Ethel:

Well, Tuesday night at "tuck-in" time, I put Tom in the yard with Fred and Ethel.
Tom immediately went into attack mode.
Needless to say, I picked him up and removed him before he could harm Fred.
Fred is much smaller than Tom and cannot adequately defend himself.
At some point when he is fully mature, we will try it again.
Usually these contests end up with one turkey assuming the submissive role.
Time will tell.

For now, however, Tom is temporarily rooming in an extra stall in the barn at night,
and continues to spend his days up with the chickens and goats.
Didn't I say this was one grand experiment?
I'll keep you updated with any changes.


  1. Wise decision at this point . . . no doubt . . .
    Wearing light colored, "good pants" makes no difference to those cuddly piggy types . . .
    Get ready . . . really big heat wave on its way . . .
    I am ready to use the "cooler" word . . .

  2. I dont know about Turkeys but for ccats it is advised to put both cats side by side each one in his own box (or cage) in one quiet room for as much time (days?) it takes for them to get accustomed to each other. Maybe letting TOm run around this place during the day will help him to get used to their presence. I guess otherwise he will react the same way when Fred has grown up. we need time (and patience) to make friends, don't we?

  3. Thanks so much for the update! And the wonderful pics of the animal love - you bring such cheer with your blog. Thank you!

  4. Pants are a small price to pay for all that lovin'. I'm sure that ,by now, you have some magic potion that will make them squeaky clean again.
    I guess the turkeys will have to get used to each other..I hope that Tom soon welcomes his new friends..
    Have a happy evening.

  5. What a love fest...getting down and dirty!


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