Tuesday, August 16, 2016


We are always looking for ways to improve our animals' lives.
A project I have been thinking about lately was adding a gate to the back fence of the pig yard.
The pig yard is situated beside our large front pasture.

Adding a gate would give the pigs the ability to graze in that pasture
in the late summer when they have over-grazed their own yard.

Hubbs took a vacation day yesterday and so we had the time to do this project.
I suggested that after installing the new gate, we just remove the bottom two
boards of the fence.

This would allow enough height for the pigs to come and go,
but still maintain the strength of the fence...
adding a fail-safe should someone forget to lock the gate.
This way the horses cannot escape the pasture via this particular gate.

We have plenty of access for vehicles through other gates,
so this gate will only be used for small livestock.

The pigs didn't need much convincing to investigate the front pasture,

although Ginger got a little confused with the new gate.

Hubbs showed her the way, and she quickly ventured out.

It didn't take them long to realize what great grazing lands they had just been given,
and they proceeded to investigate the entire perimeter of the pasture.

The horses were quite riveted to the sight of the pigs in their pasture.

The donkeys were on high alert.

I call this their unicorn impersonation.

They stood with ears facing front for several minutes,
then jumped back and ran around their yard as though they lost their minds.

Daphne and Chloe both completely evacuated their colons...
leaving trails of diarrhea all around their yard.

The pigs had literally scared the sh*# out of the donkeys!

It is my opinion that the pigs are quite happy with their new-found freedom!
(And their new-found food!)

The donkeys?  They'll adjust.

As for me... the rest of my day was spent doing this...


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I have just had the best out loud laugh which is pretty hard when you are still half asleep and haven't finished your first cup of coffee. Sooooo...... funny!

  2. poor donkey doodles.......I'll have to admit, I lmao about the scared the poopie out of them

    aren't equines just the funniest/stupidest things sometimes. my horses would have gone 4 legs up over it

  3. Change can be good if you aren't a donkey.

  4. I guess you can tell if anyone is lurking about if you are away!!😀 you wouldn't think that the change would of put the rest on such alert....it wasn't like you introduced someone new!! Thanks for sharing...laughter is good!

  5. Ingenious on that fence design . . .
    Happy piggies . . .
    Donkey's s***less . . .
    Oh my . . .

  6. hahaha...too funny! teddy used to have that effect on my cats! i am doing the same thing with my tomatoes!

  7. That's so funny..still laughing..thanks

  8. Great job adding dialog to those photos..well done

  9. I am still chuckling at the unicorn expression - that's exactly what it looks like!

  10. Christmas came early for the piggies! Give those donkeys some imodium, lol!

  11. LOL ! Guess the Donkeys didn't expect to see them at all . Never a dull moment at the farm . Thanks for sharing , well not the poop but heck all part of it isn't it ? !Have a good day !


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