Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Daily Storms... And Yet We Remain In A Drought!

"Come on,'s time to eat!"
It's a call that usually makes the goats come running.

Not yesterday.

No... these gals are smart.
I looked at the sky behind their houses and immediately knew why no one was interested in dinner.

I finished afternoon chores to the rumble of thunder growing closer and closer.

By the time I reached the barn the rain had begun.
I drove the gator home in the pouring rain.

We've had storms almost on a daily basis for the past several days.
None of them have amounted to much.
It gets dark, the wind blows, thunder rumbles, it starts to rain...
and as quick as it began it is finished.

It's been just enough to wet the grass,
but not enough to really water our dry, parched earth...
and certainly not enough to even make a dent in our ever shrinking pond.

What used to be a pond is quickly becoming a puddle.

We need rain... inches and inches of rain.

The weather for the past week (+) has been hot (hovering around 90 degrees)
with an oppressive amount of humidity that makes it feel like its over 100 degrees.
The humidity builds throughout the days until the clouds become saturated...
resulting in our daily thunderstorm.

I'm not a big fan of hot weather....
and even less of a fan of humidity.
Autumn weather will be a welcomed relief...
not only for me, but for these girls as well.

Isn't this sweet face just the cutest?

I love these girls!  
They have become so much more friendly this year...
always coming to the fence when I am near.

After yesterday's post, I thought you might like to know that the donkeys
have completely adjusted to seeing the pigs out in the pasture.
Everyone's bowels are back to normal!


  1. So many places are dry. We often have similar weather patterns as you, which never used to be the case. We are grateful for any rain that comes our way. I hope you are blessed with a true toad-strangler soon!

  2. Your pond looks very sad. We have had the same weather which comes around when it's time for me to take Molly out in the afternoon and at night. She must be part goat and is nowhere to be seen.
    This has to end sometime. I hope it's soon.

  3. I hope your "puddle becomes pond" one day . . . very soon.
    I'm with you . . . not a fan of humidity . . . at all . . .
    Very soon cooler should be happening!

  4. i as going to say that maybe they just shit themselves out but i don't think that is possible. same here with the weather. did you see that the farmer's almanac is promising a good old fashioned cold and snowy winter? i sure hope they are right!

  5. I just want to kiss those adorable sheep on their snotty little noses! LOL!

  6. It's been a miserable hot summer here as well. In the upper 90's most days with high humidity. We finally had rain this week...yay, things are starting to green up again. Agreed...looking forward to fall, and I won't complain if we get snowed in!


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