Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A Surprise For Tom

Welcome to our grand experiment.
We saved you a front row seat!

Yesterday was auction day.
I headed up to our local livestock auction looking for friends for Tom.
There were tons of sad looking chickens for auction,
and lots of handsome roosters (we don't need no stinkin' roos!),
quail, pheasant, and bunnies galore.
I could easily have brought a carload of bunnies home with me,
but I showed restraint!

There were a few old turkeys that looked like their days were numbered,
and then there was one pair of young turkeys...
which I did bid on and won. 
(I thought they were both females when I bid....
only to find out after I won that the darker one was a male.)

Meet Fred (right)  and Ethel (left).

Fred looks to me like a young Bronze turkey (but what do I know!)
Ethel?  Your guess is as good as mine.
I have seen photos of light turkey hens like this described as Bourbon Reds.
If you have a clue...please enlighten me.

The thing is... they are just about full grown, but still young.
Since Fred has not sexually matured, there is a good chance that Tom will be ok with their presence.
(This is the grand experiment.)

At the time of this writing, Tom had not yet met these two.
He will meet them at bedtime when it is almost dark...
time for roosting and not time for shenanigans.

Then in the morning, Tom will head out of the pen back up with the chickens for the day
as is his normal routine.

I am going to keep these two in their own yard for about a month so that they identify it as home.
Unfortunately, they will be sharing their home with a bunch of rowdy frat boys.
Because of size difference, though, I believe the roos will leave the turkeys alone.

As I said before...
this is a grand experiment.
We are keeping our fingers crossed that all works out just fine.

If not, we do have options.
So... nothing ventured, nothing gained.
We'll keep you up to date.


  1. Wow ... Those 2 young turkeys are gorgeous! I do hope Tom gets along with them. Whatever happens (and please do keep us updated) those two youngsters have landed on their feet and found a real good home. Looks like we could be in for some great turkey adventures in the future - how lovely!! Kind regards, Louise S, Cheshire, UK.

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  3. Hope the experiment works out...but sounds like you have a backup plan or two in case it doesn't.

  4. I have to tell you this. I read 11 blogs every day. Yours is first on the favorites list but I save it until last. I enjoy it so much. It is kind of like eating a T-bone steak. You eat the good part first but save the best part until last. Always look forward to your blog. Thank you Bev for putting yourself out for the rest of us.

  5. Good luck..Maybe Tom will visit through the fence.

  6. Tom is in for a lot of surprises! lol! you might be too! lololol!

  7. Won't it be kinda overwhelming for the female to have two males?

  8. It could get interesting . . .

  9. Looking forward to seeing how it all unfolds...


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