Tuesday, July 12, 2016

It's All In A Day

I sat down to write this post (at 9:00 PM last evening)
and the sun had already set.
Can it be?  The days are already getting shorter!
Where has summer gone?

We have been so very lucky this year and have enjoyed so many days that look just like this:

Yesterday was one of those days and I took advantage of every moment of the beautiful sunshine.
(I have to tell you... my arms are dark as can be.
The rest of me?  Not so much.
I am sporting a very fashionable farmer's tan.
But this is neither here nor there.)

The day started at 5:30... with morning chores top on the list.
Two hours of weeding were followed by a major pruning of the grape arbor

which is also where the kiwi berries are growing.

All three goat pens were mowed.

This weekend is our family SummerFest,
so I will be concentrating on getting the farm in tip top shape this week.
In preparation, I made two batches of pizza crusts.

I use this recipe and pull of small pieces of dough, roll them out nice and thin and then cook them on the griddle...making individual flatbreads that can be topped and placed in the pizza oven.

Dr. Becky called to say she would be over in the afternoon to vaccinate the horses, donkeys,
pigs and sheep...
and also to tell me that she had a lot of plums that needed to be picked from her tree.

I was happy to oblige!

The afternoon was filled with a trip to the feed store to stock up on feed for all,
trimming pigs' feet,
and afternoon chores,
followed by Dr. Becky's visit.

I am happy to say that everyone was pretty well behaved getting their vaccinations...
with the exception of Miss Chloe who for some reason has not been in a very cooperative 
mood for a few weeks now.
You might remember that she is the one who fights getting her fly mask on each morning.

The sheep were easily vaccinated...
Ritz crackers kept them occupied during the task.
Although Faith (black sheep) gave us a run for the money trying to catch her.

Early yesterday morning I walked these gals back down to the bee pasture.
It was in need of mowing...and these three are quite efficient mowers.

This pasture is quite comfortable for wooly sheep on hot summer days,
as it is shaded from noontime through evening.

I have sad news that I haven't broken to Tom and Chuck.
The neighbor with the two girls has decided to keep the girls...
so no girlfriends for Tom and Chuck.


  1. i don't know who is more disappointed, tom and chuck or me. bummer. it sure is going to be hot here again....arghhhhhhh!!! someone show me a pumpkin!

  2. Busy! Busy! Busy! Sure can't say that you don't take advantage of the nice days. I don't even want to think of the days getting shorter.
    Poor Tom and Chuck!!
    Thanks for the pizza dough recipe, I will definitely be trying it out.

  3. Sorry about the girls. It sounded as if you had already put in a full day with Becky called. Always busy ,more hot weather on its way.. But then, it is July. Enjoy your day. Xxoo

  4. Poor Tom 'n Chuck. Unless they're gay. Then everything's okay since they wouldn't want girlfriends anyway.

  5. Do you share your flat bread recipe?
    I make a yummy onion, zucchini, pepper cheese, red pepper pizza like bread . . .

  6. My kune kune, Percival got his ivomec shot this spring. I was scratching, the vet tech was scratching, Percy was loving it until the vet gave him the shot. He reversed rapidly until his head was out of the corner, issued a very loud 'woowoo' and lit the afterburners out of his yard and around the corner. We all had a very good laugh!


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