Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Fireworks and Floggings

These boys,
these crazy rooster boys have lost their heads!

You might have noticed from last week's posts that they have taken to following us around.

Any day now I expect them to be knocking on the front door!

This weekend they ventured as far as the barn...
which is a pretty good distance away from their home.

If they had walked just a little further up the lane, 
they would have ended up with a happy discovery...
(happy for them, not for us...or for the lady chickens that live up the lane!)
Luckily they turned around and headed home...
enough adventure for one day.

The thing is...
the following has escalated a bit.
Last Thursday before Tyler left the farm, he merrily ran down the driveway
to play on the pirate ship...
only to be followed by four sprinting chickens,
one of whom ended up flogging him.

Now, since these boys have not yet grown their spurs,
the flogging was frightening but not injurious.
The red shirt that Tyler had on that day may have set them off as red is a color of aggression
to roosters.

What we have noticed though, is that if you run
they will chase.

So, as it turns out...
Egg, Fish, Jelly and Petunia have added yet a new wrinkle to life on the farm.
((Macy... you might need to have a talk with your boys!))

Our Fourth of July weekend was so busy!
I took a few hours throughout the weekend to pick wild raspberries...
some of which went into this brambleberry pie.

We spent Saturday afternoon at a local winery with the pink fairy's parents
(and the pink fairy too!)... at a BBQ fest.

Sunday, we had friends over for a make-your-own pizza picnic in the pavilion.

And of course as we walked to the pavilion, the roos ran along beside us.

Hubbs fired up the pizza oven

and we each made our own individual pizzas with toppings of choice.

I made Red, White and Blue Sangria...
using strawberries, blueberries and blackberries picked on the farm.
The white stars were cut from slices of pear.

And then, Monday evening we attended our friends (across the street)
annual 4th party. 
It was a rainy evening, but the party went on in spite of it.

Whew!  I need a week to rest up from the weekend.


  1. What handsome lads they are with there red combs and white feathers, your week end looks great, love the pizza oven its one of those things on list we had one at the other house, one day soon :-)

  2. the 4 lads have been accustomed to human company, so they need this exchange I suppose.

  3. Ooooh, patriotic pizza and sangria, what a great combination!

  4. Did you warm the lady in to he red pants about the crazy rooster boys?? Mackenzie is the sweetest and it doesn't seem possible that she should be standing already.
    It's always fun hearing about your holiday festivities. Have a great week.

  5. what a fun weekend! those roosters are very good looking guys! i need a week to rest up too.....it rained here for the 4th!

  6. I'll bet your friends love visiting the farm. Haha! love the tail shot. :)

  7. Sounds like a jam packed weekend of fun and good food..Don't know about those roosters :(..Spurs or no spurs....They will probably find the hens before too much longer..Enjoy your week..xxxooo

  8. That top photo, I swear it looks like one of the roosters had two heads!!


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