Thursday, July 14, 2016


It's late evening and the sun has passed below the horizon.

The farm is settling down for the night.

I take a few moments and sit in my favorite corner of the garden.

This is one of my most favorite places in the world.

I sit here and enjoy the flowers that surround me...

and look around to see the vegetables starting to fill

 and over flow the boxes.

Tiny pumpkin babies are hanging on the vines.
I close my eyes and can taste the wonderful pies they will make.

My constant companions are always more than willing to hang out in the garden with me.

I am sure Sam is thinking "you never know... there might be a bunny or two in here!"

The dogs and I walk up to the fainting goats' pasture,
located directly behind the garden.

Here I sit and watch the goats watching us.

They are always curious and wary of the dogs.

Especially when their play gets a little rough.

After a hot and humid day,
a few thunderstorms moved through and cooled things down.

I love this time of day.
The farm is completely peaceful...
except for the squawking of guineas.

It's something they do every night...right before retiring.
It's a sort of cacophonous guinea symphony...
perhaps a lullaby of sorts.
Who know what goes through a guinea's little brain!


  1. Lovely, so serene. We did not get any rain. Maybe today?

  2. we got rain too! woohoo!!!! it is SO dry here. guineas are such strange creatures!

  3. Such beauty there . .
    I like that early evening time too . . .
    Like last night . . .
    Freshly mowed grass, tweaks and snips done for the day.
    Watered flowers . . .
    Nice day end . . .


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