Monday, July 11, 2016

Catching Up

The sun rose yesterday some time after 5 AM...and as our bedroom
filled with light, our feet hit the ground...
And we didn't stop until the sun set.

It was one of those most perfect days...
temperatures in the low 80's, beautiful blue skies dotted with puffy white clouds.

After spending the previous few days with our Pink Fairy,
and before that with our favorite scurvy pirate, Tyler...
we really needed to get caught up with some extra farm chores.

By 8:30 AM, the animals were all fed and watered and cleaned,
and the chicken houses were stripped and cleaned as well...
and two loads of laundry were done (sheets hung on the line).

We don't usually work like this on Sundays, but the weather was just so perfect...
we had to take advantage of it.
A heat wave is scheduled to linger for the next two weeks.
Working in hot and humid weather is no fun.
Hence the push to get things done yesterday.

We started the day taking the horses to the upper pastures for grazing time.
Usually they just go out into the front pasture...through a gate...nice and easy.
However, the front pasture is in need of a rest.
(There are presently more weeds than grass.)

Our upper pastures are actually much nicer and very lush...
almost too much grass for horses who tend to put weight on so very easily.
Rather than keep the horses in the dry lot, though, we opted to halter and lead
everyone across the farmyard to green heaven.

As soon as their halters were removed,
they ran across the pasture bucking and kicking (and farting)

(those of you with horses know that those three things always go together).

They grazed happily for several hours...

until the time when they normally come back to the barn.
At that point they just stood at the front of the pasture beside the fence...
waiting for us to come and get them.

As I've said so many times...
they are creatures of habit and love to keep to their schedule!

Mid morning chores included push-mowing around the barn
and planting the flower box in front of the greenhouse with perennials.

I opted for a box of multi-colored Echinacea.
If you read this post you will see that I have lots of different varieties of this
perennial throughout the vegetable garden.
I have made it my mission to collect as many different colors of this flower as I can.
One of the reasons that I love it so much is the fact that it spreads like crazy.
Eventually this entire box will be completely filled.

At each end of the box is a Black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia).

I also spent a bit of time giving the grapevines a haircut.

I cut away as much of the excess vine growth as possible in order
to allow air circulation and sunlight penetration.
I am hoping to avoid another year of grapes rotting on the vine.

And here is some breaking news...

One of our neighbors would like to give us two Bourbon Red turkey hens.
Girlfriends for Tom and Chuck!!!!

We will be introducing these gals to the boys in the coming days.
I'll bring you that story as soon as it happens.


  1. Wow, that's a FULL day! The horses must have been in their glory. Ooooooh, 2 turkey hens! The boys' dreams have just come true! Oooh la la!

  2. You guys sure keep busy! Have a great week!

  3. What is your secret? I've never been able to keep the yellow or orange coneflowers for more than a season. They are more like annuals. No problems with the magenta or white.

  4. Alice....perhaps it is a difference in zones? My yellow and orange echinacea are both about 3 years old...maybe 4. I don't do anything for them at all. Perhaps they thrive on neglect!

  5. Love seeing Hubbs helping with the chores. Such a fun, busy day you had and the reward is that it all looks so beautiful! Enjoy your week!

  6. Yes it was a lovely day. Great for outside activities and work! Things look beautiful. I envy your coneflowers. Two more turkeys! What fun. Enjoy your week stay cool... Going to be a warm one. Xxoo

  7. Oh, boy, maybe some little baby turkeys are in your future...ha! I enjoyed today's post about your beautiful Sunday.

  8. i never knew i could get so excited about turkeys!!! this should be lots of fun! i can't believe the heat and humidity we are in for. i've started swimming every day and no one has used my pool in years! i'm desperate!

  9. What a busy day!! Please send some of that energy my directions.I'm a little slow this year getting everything done. Maybe it is too much playing! So enjoyed your Grammie posts!! And now more turkeys, Yeah!

  10. So Tom 'n Chuck are going to get lucky, eh?

  11. HAHAHA, my beautiful, elegant mare farts walking uphill - not terribly lady-like!

  12. I can't imagine the work day in the Bee Haven . . .
    I can imagine though taking advantage of a good weather day . . .
    "My Day" was this last Saturday as well . . .
    Now the steamy, hot, July days will be with us for a few weeks.
    I must squeeze in a mow day in between the rain and steam . . .
    So . . . you are planting perennials now . . .
    I have never done that deep into July . . .
    Surprised . . .


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